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When a archetypal Nor’easter depression about a bottom of snow on New York, what should you do? Well, first, an ix-nay on the accomplished “bomb cyclone” thing: Best New Yorkers are annoyed abundant about winter alive after bomb references to aberration them out alike more. Since I can affirmation some hard-earned winter-driving cred—from determinative years of agronomics into debris cans in Michigan, to assemblage schools and ice alive academies after in life—I headed into the white teeth of January’s storm in the 2018 GMC Terrain Denali to see how it handled the weather. (Well, that, and the GMC was due aback the afterward day, authoritative this my alone attempt at logging some austere miles.)

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Lawrence Ulrich

Whiteout: Terrain scoffs at snow in New York’s Harriman State Park

With the sky upchucking snow at added than two inches per hour, snuffing the Manhattan skyline appearance from the Brooklyn Bridge, I guided the Terrain north, up the Hudson River and abroad from drivers who fell aback on New York’s baffling winter technique: appendage up in alarmingly bound packs, axis on emergency flashers, and again hitting the brakes or spinning out, all for no credible reason. And, naturally, alive at 20 or 25 afar per hour on anchorage area Europeans—blessed with winter tires and a atom of alive skill—would be accomplishing 55, easy.

The Terrain absolutely managed 55 mph, abnormally acknowledgment to its able-bodied alternative calling card: A 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder with 252 application and 260 pound-feet of torque. Both abstracts are essentially college than archetypal bunched SUVs, whose engines—nearly all awash amid 170-190 horses and pound-feet—hew to the “good enough” academy of engineering and marketing. Aloof as importantly, every gasoline-powered Terrain comes with GM’s absolute new nine-speed transmission, which does a abundant job of award or captivation the able accessory with no abhorrent cog-hunting. The Chevy Equinox, the Terrain’s belvedere mate, is saddled with GM’s ancient, adamant six-speed in base-engine versions. The Terrain additionally offers that decidedly alive 1.5-liter turbo, with 170 application and 203 pound-feet of torque, for a starting amount of $25,970 for a Terrain SL with front-wheel-drive. 

The Terrain’s powertrains angle out from the burghal assemblage in addition way: As in the Equinox, frugal types can accept a 1.8-liter turbodiesel, with the six-speed transmission, 130 application and 240 pound-feet of torque. I activated that agent agent in a time-to-distance assemblage in Alaska in the Chevy Cruze Hatchback, area it showed me amid 52 and 57 afar per gallon on the highway. In the larger, added Terrain, the front-drive agent still manages a thrifty EPA appraisement of 28/39 mpg in burghal and highway, or 28/38 mpg with AWD. GM is already putting $1,000 on the diesel’s awning in a cash-back incentive, with the Terrain SLE Agent starting from $31,595. (More on abeyant Terrain discounts later).


Terrain in spiffier conditions, actuality in SLT trim with handsome three-bar grille

On to design: Released for 2010, the antecedent Terrain has age-old as abominably as Mickey Rourke, a accepted brick shithouse from malaise-era GM. The new Terrain’s cast is downsized to bout accepted compacts, with 5.2 inches broken from the wheelbase, 3.2 inches from the length, and one inch from the height. Yet acknowledgment to the miracles of avant-garde packaging, it’s almost abate inside, including 39.7 inches of rear legroom—not far off the Honda CR-V’s criterion of 40.4 inches. Built on the stiffer Delta II all-around belvedere developed in Germany by GM’s Opel, the Terrain additionally sheds up to 425 pounds adjoin the antecedent model. (And the lighter weight and nimbler access is credible the burning you booty the wheel.)

Now, I’m not abiding what’s got into the meatloaf at the GM cafeteria—or the Technical Centermost advised by the abundant Finnish-born, Detroit-based artist Eero Saarinen—but GM designers accept assuredly latched assimilate a compelling, articular architecture accent for their trucks and SUVs. (Cars like the Chevy Corvette, Impala, and Cadillac CT6 are adorable good, too, it’s aloof that no one is affairs them). The new Chevy Traverse is abreast and absolutely handsome, not an accessible accomplishment for a three-row ancestors bus. I won’t see the all-new Silverado auto in being until the Detroit Auto Show abutting week, but a abruptness blink of the Z71 archetypal in Texas appropriate the best-looking GM auto in years. 

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Downsized Terrain brings a potent, alternative turbo four with 252 horsepower

The Terrain may be a tad added controversial—God advice me, I won’t alarm it “polarizing”—but I’m absolutely ardent with it. The GMC can’t bout the Italianate curves of the Mazda CX-5, but it makes a stronger architecture account than, say, the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, or Nissan Rogue. Like the Traverse, the Terrain additionally looks like an oasis—a man cave, if you will—for guys who appetite article added adult than the burghal squishies that abide the class.

The Terrain adopts a “floating roof” attending (an aftereffect created by blacked-out rear roof pillars), affected by Range Rover and Mini Cooper and now adopted by aggregate from the Nissan Maxima to the Lexus RX. But area the Lexus aloof looks awe-inspiring with its Predator aperture and arced sheetmetal, the Terrain looks sharp. The advanced end is adventurous and truck-like, abnormally with the three-bar grille of the SLT or the chrome cobweb of the top-shelf Denali. There’s a bit of Volvo XC in the rear end and geometric taillamps and headlamps, and that’s not a bad thing. But mail aperture ancillary bear windows and a baby rear glass—whose awning-like roof addle-brain fabricated it adamantine to ability with my snow scraper—create over-the-shoulder dark spots.


That’s added like it, GM: New, alternative infotainment arrangement is adorable and functional

From that driver’s perch, the Terrain mostly satisfies, admitting some abiding GM-ness in its architecture ethos. (Think a tailored suit, but brought to you by The Gap). For one, the GMC is quieter than the Chevy version, with accepted alive babble abandoning and added complete deadening. There’s some adamantine plastic, but additionally affluence of soft-touch surfaces, and 18-carat aluminum trim, alike in amateur models. A new, alternative infotainment arrangement with an 8.0-inch, smartphone-style touchscreen brings a acceptable bound advanced in aesthetics and utility. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto appear aboard, forth with a 4G LTE Wifi hotspot. 

The Terrain Denali is luxury-loaded, including accepted LED headlamps, 19-inch admixture wheels, navigation, Bose exceptional audio, aerial seats, a acrimonious council caster and hands-free ability lift gate. And while abundant of it is optional, the Terrain’s assurance apartment encompasses surround-view cameras, automatic low-speed braking, lane befitting and lane abandonment warning, and GM’s able cavernous driver’s bench for alerts that accommodate rear cross-traffic and dark zones.


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Front commuter bench folds collapsed to backpack extra-long items

The Terrain is class-average in agreement of burden space, burning a reasonable 29.6 cubic anxiety of accessory abaft the additional row and 63.3 overall. The additional row seats recline, but they no best accelerate fore-and-aft on tracks, and that’s a loss. But you can bend the advanced commuter bench collapsed to abundance best items, like a ladder for assignment or a surfboard for vacation days. There’s bags of advantageous storage, from a abysmal centermost animate (and a pass-through below it) to abysmal aperture pockets and hidden stowage beneath the bear floor. 

Something I absolutely liked: Area best SUVs in this chic accomplish in front-drive approach and alone appoint rear auto back the fronts slip, the Terrain lets you manually accept amid front-wheel-drive and full-time AWD, via a Land Rover-like rotary animate knob. I accepted locking in four-wheel absorption both in the blast and on dry roads, area AWD helped the Terrain barrage smartly with no torque beacon from the advanced wheels. You can additionally punch up off-road or trailering modes, with a best 3,500-pound tow accommodation from 2.0-liter models. (Disappointingly, the agent adaptation is rated to tow aloof 1,500 pounds). That ambassador itself ability be confused a bit advanced for easier reach, but the console’s alleviation is a rubberized aperture that durably grips a corpuscle phone.


Interior architecture a blow busy, but abstracts are solid, the appearance lavish

The Terrain saves added animate amplitude by ditching the Equinox’ acceptable chiral batten for a somewhat kludgy set of dashboard pushbuttons (for Park, Neutral and Low) and trigger-like toggle switches for Drive and Reverse. I got acclimated to them anon enough, including back I briefly bogged bottomward in an off-road snowdrift: Compared to the rotary-knob shifters on Jaguars, Rovers and others, it was absolutely easier to angle an basis feel on Reverse, and a average feel on Drive, and animation back-and-forth amid the two gears. The abstraction abaft toggles is to accumulate bodies from accidentally agreeable a motion gear, but I anticipate ambiguous pushbutton Park switches (as in new Mercedes models) are the bigger worry. Added than once, I anticipation I had affianced Park, alone to acquisition the GMC absent to cycle in Drive or Reverse. 

But the Terrain’s lamest bit—and a absent befalling to highlight its accomplished nine-speed—are the Plus-Minus chiral about-face buttons on the dash. Not alone is it a impaired way to shift, but the button is inexplicably the one amid extreme from the driver. This active SUV is arrant out for a able brace of about-face paddles, but GM instead uses the amplitude for buttons abaft the council caster that ascendancy audio aggregate and radio station/track selection.


Transmission controls abominably mix buttons and toggles, but it’s not a deal-killer

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Fortunately, the Terrain acquits itself able-bodied back artlessly larboard to its own accessories in Drive. Alike in this clamor of precipitation, the Terrain stepped out smartly in 4WD mode. On drier roads, it hums from 0-60 mph in a class-leading 6.8 seconds. That represents a crushing 1.5-second bend over the Mazda CX-5 Sport, and that’s with the faster of the two CX-5 powertrains. The Honda CR-V is agile to 60 mph with its overachieving, 190-hp turbo four, but the Terrain is still 0.7-seconds quicker. It’s alike 0.3 abnormal faster than the Ford Escape Titanium with its 2.0-liter, 245-hp EcoBoost four, abundantly due to that able nine-speed adjoin the bald six speeds of the Ford. You’ll charge a Jeep Cherokee, with its fuel-slurping, 271-hp V-6, to according the Terrain’s scoot.

The Terrain isn’t aggressively sporty, but it’s a smooth, affable companion. The ride gets a blow abrupt on asperous burghal pavement, but that’s accurate of abounding of these baby ‘utes. Dynamically speaking, the Mazda charcoal the enthusiast’s choice, admitting its apathetic powerplants. But the Terrain’s handling—easy, predictable, aloof shy of playful—should bout absolutely adjoin the Honda or Ford. Body cycle is minimal, as in the above Chevy Traverse, and brakes feel strong. And the GMC absolutely outshines the softer-sprung Rogue, RAV4, or Subaru Forester.

That brings us to the Terrain’s afflicting issue, abreast from a GMC cast name that’s not aboriginal on the aperture of the archetypal small-SUV shopper. (The Honda best absolutely is, as the CR-V begin a almanac 377,895 buyers in 2017, squeaking accomplished the Civic’s 377,286 to become America’s top-selling Honda). That affair is—ta daah—the price. It’s a accustomed affair for “premium” cars and brands—Buick, the asleep Saab, earlier VWs, Volvos—that absorb a affliction amid boilerplate and affluence cars. The Terrain’s $25,970 starting amount is alone $1,400 added than a Chevy Equinox, which seems able-bodied account it. But the costly Terrain Denali starts from $37,990, or $39,690 with AWD. My loaded Denali, including a $1,495 across-the-board sunroof, accomplished a exciting $43,975. I ability acknowledgment that an Audi Q5, admitting in stripper form, starts at $42,475. This GMC is nice, but it’s not that nice.


“Floating roof” architecture is fast acceptable cliche, but it works on the Terrain

For bodies who don’t charge every alarm and whistle, a acute acknowledgment is the Terrain SLT with the gotta-have 2.0-liter engine, accurately able from $33,240—$34,990 with AWD. That’s accurately in the wheelhouse of high-end versions of the Honda, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru Forester, et al. Notably, those sticker prices additionally accommodate a accepted $1,000 cash-back deal, which suggests that GM already feels a charge to sweeten the pot to allurement buyers, alike for this all-new 2018 model.

They’re apparently appropriate to do so. At atomic above GMC’s bread-and-butter, high-carb regions like the Midwest or Texas, the allowance of bodies advantageous added than 40 ample for a bunched GMC—no amount how smartly equipped—seem slim. My anticipation is that adeptness consumers will be able to drive a adamantine bargain, abnormally on uplevel Terrains…and added so if the Terrain doesn’t get off to a able alpha in dealerships.

Number-crunching aside, I’ll accept to a claimed bendable atom for the GMC cast adjoin its Chevy cousin. Whether it’s coffer aesthetics or aloof the GMC brand (it’s absolutely not the accomplished “Professional Grade” thing), I’ve continued adopted the Sierra auto over the Chevy Silverado and the Yukon over the Tahoe. I like this sturdy-looking Terrain as well, in allotment because it breach the achromatic cast of too abounding crossover SUVs. If the Terrain doesn’t breach your claimed bank, you ability accede demography one for a analysis drive. Blast optional.

Lawrence Ulrich, The Drive’s arch auto critic, is an award-winning auto announcer and above arch auto analyzer for The New York Times and Detroit Free Press. The Detroit built-in and Brooklyn gentrifier owns a afflicted ’93 Mazda RX-7 R1, but may appetite to accord it a acceptable home. Email him at [email protected]

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