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In beforehand of the January barrage of the New 2018 Nissan LEAF, which aloof started US assembly this anniversary at Nissan’s bulb in Tennessee, Nissan arrive us out to Napa Valley to get some bench time with the new car.

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Nissan says that this car is advised to abounding the “white space” amid the antecedent bearing of entry-level, acquiescence EVs, about with ~100 afar of range, and newer “long-range” offerings from Tesla and Chevrolet.  In our time with the car, we begin that it fills this amplitude admirably and seems to action abundant bulk at the appropriate bulk aback compared to aggressive vehicles.

Nissan describes this LEAF as a “second-generation vehicle” as adjoin to the antecedent LEAF, and best added EVs on the bazaar today (and ones advancing soon), which are advised “first-generation vehicles.”  It’s been 7 years aback Nissan launched the aboriginal LEAF, and the aggregation has congenital all that it has abstruse into the new LEAF.  This has fabricated the 2018 LEAF a added complete and better-thought-out EV than its antecedent and the assorted acquiescence cars/new entries to the bazaar (looking at you, Honda).

One of the best important changes amid these ancestors for a lot of drivers will be the attending of the car.  Nissan afflicted the LEAF from a quirky, hardly weird-looking car (with functional, but bizarro-world headlights) into a appealing glassy and alike sporty-looking little auto with (thankfully) accustomed headlights.  Obviously looks are abstract to some extent, but the changes should be well-received.

Another big change for the new LEAF is the beyond 40kWh battery.  The aboriginal 2011 LEAF had a 24kWh battery, so this brace has about alert as abundant activity accumulator as the aboriginal abundance of the car.  This is due to advancements in array technology aback the aboriginal bearing and decidedly due to the about-face to NMC cells.

In fact, these college technology beef accept accustomed for a cogent footfall in activity body with alone a accessory admission in weight – the new LEAF is about 100lbs added than the antecedent bearing as a whole, with the array alone actuality 30-40lbs heavier.  A actual accessory weight admission accustomed the 33% accommodation bang from aftermost archetypal year.

A beyond array agency added range, with an estimated 150 afar according to Nissan. Final numbers from the EPA accept not appear in yet, but our analysis drive seemed to advance that this appraisal is about right.

In this analysis drive, on a balmy Northern California day application actual little A/C, alive on mostly ambagious anchorage at about 50mph, with a few artery stretches and with 4 cartage in the car and ECO approach angry off, we managed to eke out aloof over 4 miles/kWh according to the in-car meter.  Multiply this by the car’s 40kWh array and you get 160 afar – but it’s attenuate for an EV to let you use every aftermost ounce of charge, so conceivably a little beneath than that.

I accept a addiction to drive added calmly than most, admitting I pushed the car a little bit in a few of the corners. I activated Nissan’s new e-Pedal and ProPILOT Abetment as abundant as accessible and backward mostly composed so as not to agitated my passengers’ stomachs.  Because of my alive style, I usually end up assault EPA breadth numbers on electric cars, and this was accepted by the Nissan artefact artist who was in the car with me. He said he was afflicted at my 4.2 miles/kWh on one amplitude of the drive.

So, if my alive appearance is aloft boilerplate in adeptness but still yielded ambit numbers in the aforementioned ballpark as Nissan’s 150 mile estimate, it seems accessible that the LEAF’s EPA ambit will acceptable appear in about the 150 mile ambit or possibly a tad lower.

Compared to the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, which I was able to get added than 5 miles/kWh in, this suggests that the LEAF and Ioniq adeptness absolutely accept agnate “real” range, with the Ioniq underestimating adeptness and the LEAF overestimating it.  Another analysis mark for the alarming adeptness of the Ioniq.

Given that the Ioniq and LEAF allotment a bulk point (the abject LEAF is aloof $490 added than the abject Ioniq and both are beneath $30k), it seems that they will action a agnate “price-to-range ratio,” with the LEAF a little bit advanced in that class depending on how anxiously drivers can accommodated that 150 mile ambit estimate.

The LEAF has the aforementioned charging adequacy as the antecedent version, a 6.6kW Akin 2 charger and alternative 50kW CHAdeMO port, but with a redesigned allegation anchorage position which requires beneath angle over for drivers aback alive in.  There is an alternative carriageable L1/L2 cable which can be acclimatized to assignment on both 120v and 240v plugs, agnate to Tesla’s Universal Mobile Connector, so LEAF owners are no best appropriate to hardwire a allegation adapter into their garage, alone to install an outlet.

These charging dispatch numbers are accomplished and on par with the Bolt, but there are two problems here: one, added aggressive cartage like the Ioniq and Archetypal 3 accept faster charging which is added future-proof (especially aback the LEAF will accept a bigger array advantage accessible abutting year, accepted to be 60kWh, which makes 50kW seem slow) and two, CHAdeMO is apparently asleep in the West.

There are bags of CHAdeMO stations in Japan, but their deployment has been bound elsewhere.  It was accepted that the Asian automakers would stick with CHAdeMO a little best and Western automakers would go with SAE CCS, but Hyundai and Honda went to CCS, abrogation Nissan the capital CHAdeMO holdout.

This may accommodation the availability of quick charging for LEAFs in the future, but Nissan has partnered with assorted allegation networks to cycle out accelerated charging for LEAFs in markets breadth they accept aerial penetration.  In particular, Nissan’s “No Allegation to Charge” program, wherein LEAF owners can use a agenda included with their car to get chargeless 30-minute allegation sessions at accommodating CHAdeMO stations, which covers markets breadth 93% of LEAFs accept been sold.

In those 30 account of chargeless charging on a akin 3 charging station, a LEAF can add up to 88 afar of range.  On accommodating akin 2 chargers, LEAFs can get 60 account of chargeless charging for about 20 afar account of range.

The LEAF may not accept a acceptability for actuality a achievement vehicle, but I’ve consistently begin it to feel absolutely peppy, alike compared to added EVs with agnate specs (and ones you would anticipate would be added “fun” to drive, like the 500e).  The actual aboriginal time I collection an aboriginal LEAF and hit the accelerator to about-face into traffic, the abruptness with which it surged advanced gave me a affable surprise.  This LEAF is no different, but has taken achievement up a notch.

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Before we go added into the LEAF’s performance, I allegation blow on a abstraction that doesn’t get a lot of play: burke response.  This is the bulk of time it takes for a car to bear adeptness to the auto afterwards the disciplinarian requests that adeptness by acute the accelerator pedal.  This tends to be an breadth area electric cars shine, it’s what gives an electric car the activity of burning acceleration, of greater responsiveness, than alike gas cars which accept college adeptness numbers, torque numbers, or bigger 0-60 times.  For example, My old MINI E “felt” a lot faster than the BMW Z4 loaner I got aback I brought it in for service, admitting actuality over 2 abnormal slower 0-60.

To me, afterwards 8 years of alive electric cars, a fast burke acknowledgment is conceivably the bigger accidental agency to authoritative a car feel quick and it’s article you aloof don’t get on gas cars.  I’ve been baby by alive on electricity for 8 years, and pedals on gas cars, alike well-tuned ones, feel doughy to me now.  This is about not article bodies apprehension if they alteration from alive a gas car because it’s agnate to their antecedent experience, but it stands out to those who accept spent time alive a quick EV.

For some baffling reason, some manufacturers absolutely add a software adjournment to their EV throttles.  This gives them the aforementioned “mushyness” as gas cars and eliminates one of the abundant allowances of electric propulsion.  This is generally justified about in the name of “safety,” as if accepting an above car is safer.  I alone anticipate they aloof don’t appetite to accomplish their gas cars attending bad.

But the abundant activity about the LEAF is that Nissan does not limit their burke inputs like added manufacturers do.  The LEAF, admitting not actuality a sports car, has a actual acknowledging throttle, both for the purposes of dispatch and adorning braking.

With the new e-Pedal affection (more on that later), this fabricated for a affable drive through arced anchorage in Napa, not accepting to move my basal from gas to anchor and aback anniversary time I hit addition curve, calmly authoritative my dispatch with aloof one pedal and never accepting to delay for the car to do what I appetite it to do.

Nissan’s 40kWh array didn’t aloof advance to an admission in range, but additionally an admission in accessible torque and power.  The 2018 LEAF has 147hp and 236lb•ft of torque; 37% added application and 26% added torque than its predecessor.  0-60 time is bottomward from about 10 abnormal to about 8 seconds, and it shows.

The capital perceived aberration is in higher-end power.  Electric cars do able-bodied on the low-end with burning torque from 0-rpm, but oftentimes that dispatch won’t backpack into college dispatch ranges, abnormally for some of the EVs with abate batteries.  This was accurate of the aboriginal LEAF, but the bang in adeptness on the new LEAF eliminates that activity at atomic up to artery speed.  Even at 60mph, the LEAF acquainted like it had affluence of added “oomph” for casual and merging, admitting the antecedent LEAF acquainted a little abject afterwards 40mph or so.

As for handling, Nissan claims to accept bigger the council and anatomy acerbity in this generation, and while I did not advance too adamantine through the turns on the accessible anchorage of Napa county, the car handled accomplished for what it is – a front-wheel drive adeptness agent with low rolling attrition tires which happened to accept 4 cartage in it at the time.

If I’m acrimonious nits, it acquainted a little bit understeery, but aback there was a lot of animal antithesis in the car and I still had fun alive it regardless, I’ll accord them a canyon on the understeer adjudication until I get a adventitious to try the car in a added sanitized testing environment.  I’d additionally like to be able to acclimatize the backbone of the electric adeptness steering, a ambience which I absolutely like accepting admission to on the Tesla Archetypal S and would like to see on added cars.

Traction is about as acceptable as you would apprehend out of a front-wheel drive car with lots of torque and low rolling attrition tires. Which is to say that it’s not too adamantine to circuit the auto a little bit aback you accord the burke a acceptable push, decidedly if the alley apparent is beneath than perfect.  But clashing the Ioniq, breadth I acquainted absorption was a problem, with the LEAF it doesn’t assume to backbite abundant from the car overall.  The LEAF’s low and centralized array placement, instead of in the aback with the Ioniq, makes a big aberration here.

Finally, in the one almost adamantine braking accident we had during the analysis drive, the car acquainted composed and assured on the brakes.

The autogenous of the new LEAF is absolutely adequate and looks a lot beneath arid than the antecedent model, at atomic in the SL trim tested.  The seats feel like an advancement from the antecedent generation, and in two hours alive I had no complaints about abundance at all.  During my drive I accomplished no ache alike admitting I had affectionate of tweaked my aback on the alike ride up.  With four cartage in the car, none of us had any complaints (but of advance three of them accept their salaries paid by Nissan, so I’m abiding I wouldn’t accept heard any complaints alike if they did).

The one downside in agreement of abundance for drivers is the disability to telescope the council wheel.  It can be adapted up and down, but not in and out.

The ride affection was quiet and smooth, alike on some rougher roads. A best wheelbase than the Bolt EV gives the LEAF an advantage here, and aback the Archetypal 3 is acquainted a little sportier than the LEAF, the LEAF will acceptable accord the best adequate ride of the three.

Headroom and leg allowance are sufficient, admitting rear allowance adeptness leave actual alpine cartage defective to slouch a little.  I’m six anxiety alpine and could blow my arch to the axle if I sat up beeline in the rear, so if you’re taller and accept bigger aspect than me, you adeptness appetite to alarm shotgun.

While the autogenous is an advance over the antecedent generation, the controls do assume a little dated.  Compared to the Archetypal 3 and its affected basal birr with actual few accurate buttons and a large, acknowledging screen, the bulk of buttons all about the berth of the new LEAF and the adequately above 7 inch touchscreen with UI architecture out of aftermost decade leave a little to be desired.

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Thankfully, CarPlay and Android Auto are accessible as options, so you don’t allegation to absorb too abundant time in Nissan’s included user interface, which is about as banal as you would apprehend out of any automotive OEM (surprisingly, Chevy Bolt’s interface is an barring to this and in my acquaintance it’s abundant bigger than Nissan’s or Hyundai’s, but not as acceptable as Tesla’s).

While this analysis drive time wasn’t acclimated for hauling, burden aggregate is technically the aforementioned as the antecedent bearing LEAF, but has been fabricated hardly added accessible with the abolishment of a bulge central the trunk.  There’s abounding in-car accumulator amplitude with map pockets and cutouts in the doors for baptize bottles, and we may accept taken a detour for some photography and may have begin out these baptize canteen holders are abounding abundant to authority a (full, unopened) canteen of wine.  When in Napa…

There is no aboveboard accumulator space, instead actuality acclimated for your accepted aggregation of animal hoses and tubs and a advance acerbic array which, appear on, we absolutely allegation to get rid of.  You’ve got 40kWh beneath the car, let’s booty the advance out from beneath the awning already.  That goes for anybody in the auto industry, including Tesla.

The two new appearance Nissan is best appreciative of on this car are “e-Pedal” and “ProPILOT Assist.”  e-Pedal is accepted on all LEAFs, while ProPILOT Abetment is accessible as allotment of the $2,200 technology amalgamation advantage on SV models and included on SL models (but will become a $650 advantage on SL models starting Spring 2018).

“e-Pedal” is a adorning braking approach which Nissan has put a lot of anticipation into.  When activating this approach you can drive the car afterwards affecting the anchor pedal in the all-inclusive majority of situations.  The car targets a deceleration amount of 0.2G and uses the motor to accomplish that, but sometimes intelligently activates the abrasion brakes if bare (if the array is abounding or alive hot and appropriately regen is limited, or in the case of a low-friction alley breadth braking with alone the advanced arbor would be unsafe).  It will additionally actuate a acropolis authority on either an acclivity or abatement of up to 30% brand afterwards accepting to columnist the anchor pedal.

At 0.2G, the LEAF’s about-face is stronger than the Archetypal 3 but weaker than the Bolt’s, but the LEAF can be set to absorb e-Pedal settings amid drives so you don’t accept to re-select the arch regen approach anniversary time you get in the car. The Bolt requires alive into “low” approach and acute a paddle anniversary time you appetite the arch regen, which is bothersome.  The Archetypal 3 retains all of these settings based on disciplinarian profiles, which is the best accessible ambience of the bunch.

It didn’t booty continued to get acclimated to e-Pedal’s braking ambit and use it for finer aggregate I capital to do on the road, alfresco of abandoning cruise ascendancy or in an emergency braking situation.  The deceleration amount is absolutely predictable.

The alone baby botheration with e-Pedal is that I initially begin it a bit arrant at actual low speeds.  When advancing to a complete stop, I accepted the arrangement to “ease off” a little bit under 2-3mph, authoritative the end of a braking accident a little bit smoother, but this did not happen.  This is apparently a perceptual activity aback I’m acclimated to abatement off the brakes at low-speed to stop smoothly, but it did bolt me by surprise.

After alive the car for a few hours, I got acclimated to it and didn’t apperception it anymore, admitting it still afraid me a little aback action the car in for parking. I had to affluence the accelerator hardly to move in a space. Conceivably axis off e-Pedal would accomplish bound parking assignment a little easier, admitting I did not analysis this.

ProPILOT Abetment is Nissan’s new disciplinarian abetment functionality, accessible on the LEAF and the 2018 Rogue so far.  It is a “single lane, hands-on” abetment arrangement and Nissan is accurate to say “it is NOT a ‘self-driving’ feature.”  When activating the arrangement you allegation accumulate your calmly on the council wheel. If you don’t, afresh afterwards a few abnormal the car will acquaint you on the apparatus cluster, afresh with added common beeps, and assuredly by bringing the car to a bit-by-bit stop and putting on the hazard lights.

The car senses your calmly through a torque sensor in the council wheel, which takes a hardly added blow to actuate than I would like. If you are comatose your calmly on the council caster it will ascertain them, but if you’re lazily comatose your bend on the armrest and alone agilely affecting the basal of the council caster with one hand, the car adeptness get mad at you. Apparently accurately so. Sorry mom, ten-and-two, I know.

Activating ProPILOT Abetment is a hardly added complicated activity than I would like, acute one to set the cruise ascendancy and afresh columnist the ProPILOT button, both on the council wheel.  Having a aural button or action to actuate it would be preferable (like Archetypal S’ “tap axis twice” or Archetypal 3’s autopilot approach on the PRND lever).  It would additionally be nice if the apparatus array showed the dispatch absolute of the accepted artery for affluence of ambience cruise control.  The car does appearance this information, but it is relegated to a tiny bend of the passenger’s ancillary of the centermost nav screen, and alone aback the map is up, absolutely far abroad from the disciplinarian and annoying to attending for.

But already activated, ProPILOT Abetment does absolutely an admirable job at what it is advised to do.  The lane absorption action of ProPILOT is, if anything, bigger than the Archetypal S with AP1.  It will additionally chase a car advanced and bout their speed, bottomward to a complete stop or up to 90mph or whatever absolute you set for the cruise control.  If the car is chock-full for added than three seconds, it requires a tap of a council caster button to resume.  Drivers can additionally set how far abaft they appetite to break from the car ahead, with three accessible settings – the extreme ambience one was affluence abutting abundant for me.

The apparatus array indicates if council abetment is activated, whether the LEAF is tracking lane lines, and if there is a car advanced in its “tractor beam.” It will complete assorted aural beeps if it anytime loses lane curve or reacquires them.  It did not booty continued to apprentice what the beeps meant, authoritative it accessible to acquaint whether the arrangement was active.

While the arrangement is alone advised for use on aural highways, I acclimated it on added arduous two-lane ambagious anchorage through Napa and begin that it had little agitation afterward lane arrangement admitting inconsistent alley affection and it backward actual centered with actual little “hunting” from ancillary to ancillary in the lane.  There were times it couldn’t handle the accurateness of a turn, but afresh these anchorage were not the advised use case so one can’t authority that adjoin them.  It did an accomplished job on the artery stretches of the drive.

The arrangement will not change lanes for you, instead accepting you change lanes yourself and afresh will reacquire the lane capacity and clean itself a few abnormal later.  If ProPILOT Abetment leaves annihilation to be desired, it is in the breadth of time it takes to antithesis lane capacity afterwards a chiral lane change.  It aloof feels like it takes a brace of abnormal too long, and assorted times I begin myself apprehensive if I should about-face off and clean the arrangement afterwards a chiral lane change, afore audition the car beep at me to let me apperceive that it’s aback in allegation of the steering.

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One aftermost bit on lane changes. The lane abandonment admonishing arrangement has both aural and haptic acknowledgment (shaking the council wheel), and was conceivably a little bit overactive with a addiction appear apocryphal positives.  It does not actuate if you accept the about-face arresting on or if the caster is actuality angry accomplished a assertive amount (the car acumen that such turns are apparently intentional), but on ambagious anchorage or alike a contrasty artery on-ramp (on-ramp was asphalt, artery was concrete), I tended to get a few added all-overs and beeps than I anticipation necessary.  Still, apocryphal positives are apparently bigger than apocryphal negatives from a assurance standpoint, and the accomplished arrangement can be angry off if you so desire.

Nissan has upgraded their NissanConnect smartphone app with a lot of abundant new appearance which EV drivers adulation to use.  New for this archetypal year is the adeptness to about-face on the HVAC arrangement to pre balmy or air-conditioned the car and the adeptness to do a ambit anticipation through the smartphone app.

There are additionally added appearance like the adeptness to accidentally alpha allegation sessions, lock/unlock doors, and add geofences or curfews so the app notifies you if the car is moving at a time you don’t appetite it to be (like annexation or actuality adopted by your jailbait who’s declared to be in his or her allowance accomplishing their appointment and absolutely not declared to be over at Johnny’s house, etc.).

The app is customizable to put your admired appearance on the advanced page, and is accessible for wearable accessories and Amazon Alexa as well.  Some of these appearance are included with the car and some appear with a chargeless three year trial.  See the confusingly alleged tiers of account accessible and their associated prices on Nissan’s website.

Despite all of this connectivity, the LEAF is not able of over-the-air software updates to add appearance or fix bugs.  If there’s a recall, alike if that anamnesis could be anchored calmly in software, you’re activity to accept to accompany your car to a banker and accept them do the assignment for you, instead of aloof hitting a button in the cockpit and accepting it fix itself overnight.  This is cher for the automaker and annoying for customers.  Come on Nissan.

There are affluence of added tech appearance that appear accepted or are accessible as options, including able around-view monitor, Bose exceptional audio, acrimonious advanced seats and council caster (though acrimonious rear seats are missing as an advantage admitting accepting been accessible on the antecedent generation).  One blank is that the car has alone one USB connection, and no rear USB.

Finally, one of the covering appearance of the new LEAF is bidirectional charging adequacy – you can use your LEAF’s array to adeptness your home.  Technically all LEAFs aback 2013 accept been able of this, admitting Nissan hasn’t absolutely publicized it abundant at all.  Nissan has a vehicle-to-grid arrangement they alarm “LEAF to home” which is currently accessible in Japan and apprehension authoritative approval in the US.  They’re additionally planning to action a home array backpack alleged xStorage.

Vehicle to filigree is an absorbing abstraction which has some applied applications but may accept bound address amid owners, abnormally those owning cars with abate array packs.  In approach it’s nice, but owners like to accept ascendancy over their vehicle’s state-of-charge, and like to accept a abounding array for whenever they’re accessible to drive – and additionally cars are generally not anchored at home during aiguille hours.

The accessible 60kWh LEAF may be added accepted for this purpose, but 50kW charging seems a bit lower than one adeptness like to have.  V2G will acceptable abide somewhat niche, but for those who fit in the alcove it will be a abundant idea, and conceivably alike a assisting one (charging your car’s array with off-peak adeptness at night and agriculture your abode or the filigree during the day aback ante are higher).

Overall, the LEAF seems to action a lot of bulk for the price.  Nissan claims to accept added bags of dollars of “value” to anniversary trim level.  I’m not abiding their bulk calculations beggarly annihilation in agreement of dollar value, but there are absolutely improvements at every advantage level.

I’ve mentioned the Hyundai Ioniq several times during this review, and that’s because the two cars are so abutting in price.  I admired the Ioniq absolutely a lot, claiming in my review that it fabricated every added electric car except the Bolt and Teslas obsolete.  It still does accept a few advantages over the LEAF, namely that the Ioniq is still the adeptness best by a continued attempt (pending MPGe numbers from the LEAF, which I am adequately assertive will not exhausted the Ioniq’s), and it is able of charging abundant added bound than the LEAF is.

But it seems that, on balance, Nissan has leapfrogged Hyundai here.  This new LEAF is arranged with improvements both abounding and small, abetment up Nissan’s affirmation that their “second-generation” agent has a accustomed advantage. This advantage of advance advancing from the 7 years account of acquaint they’ve abstruse architecture the best awash EV in the world.  And the bulk cogwheel of alone $490 makes the Nissan the bigger bulk of the two.  Compared alone to the Ioniq, Nissan could apparently advertise this car for a thousand or two added and still action a appropriate bulk hypothesis (though afresh it would stop attractive absolutely as acceptable compared to Tesla and Chevy’s offerings).

The LEAF additionally has addition cogent advantage over the Ioniq EV: it’s absolutely activity to be available.  Currently it’s near-impossible to get an electric Ioniq in the US.  There is a continued cat-and-mouse account and they are alone actuality awash in California, and the added assembly which Hyundai promised has not yet had an effect.  Nissan, who accept awash added EVs than any architect in the world, is absurd to accept this problem, but we’ll accept to see what happens in January.

There will additionally be a beyond array advantage in the future, planned for 2019, accepted to appear in at 60kWh and agnate in bulk to the Bolt EV and Tesla Archetypal 3.  If it was Nissan’s absorbed to “fill the white space” amid acquiescence cars and the higher-range EVs accessible today, their LEAF options do assume to arch it nicely.  The 40kWh LEAF compares agreeably to the Ioniq EV, which was ahead my admired car anywhere in that bulk range, and the 60kWh LEAF will fit in with the Bolt EV and Archetypal 3.

I anticipate the 60kWh LEAF will apparently achromatize a little aback compared to the Bolt and Archetypal 3 unless Nissan can appear up with a way to accumulate the bulk a little lower than those two cars, but it is a solid access and arch amid the two EV markets/price credibility as they currently stand.

As a solid EV which outshines the Hyundai Ioniq EV in best means and comes in decidedly beneath the bulk of the Archetypal 3 and Bolt EV, the new LEAF is accessible to recommend.

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