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Dramatic three-row SUV abstraction signals a Nissan architectonics administration for 2020 and beyond

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DETROIT – Building on Nissan’s continued history of cutting-edge crossovers and SUVs, including the afresh alien Nissan Kicks and Rogue Sport, the new Nissan Xmotion abstraction is a architectonics analysis for accession potentially groundbreaking bunched SUV.

Unveiled at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, the Xmotion abstraction actualization able hints of a acceptable SUV – the aerial stance, high-utility accommodation and bulked-up fenders, blimp with all-terrain-ready auto and tires. Yet as the name implies, the Xmotion (pronounced “cross motion”) abstraction fuses Japanese ability and acceptable adroitness with American-style account and new-generation Nissan Intelligent Advancement technology.

“The Xmotion abstraction is a abstraction in how acutely disparate elements can accretion ability and backbone through coexistence,” said Alfonso Albaisa, chief carnality admiral of all-around architectonics at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “It draws afflatus from the Japanese aesthetics and techniques that accept been anesthetized bottomward through bearing afterwards generation. At the aforementioned time, it achieves the avant-garde backbone appropriate for drivers in the near-future era of connected, free crossover vehicles.”


Nissan unveils Xmotion abstraction at 2018 North American International Auto Show

Nissan hosts affirmation of crafts that aggressive Xmotion concept

The agent storySUVs are about an American invention, originally created to booty families breadth accustomed sedans couldn’t go. They still have, to a ample degree, a “Western” admission and commonsensical acidity – which tend to actualize a attending of accord and abridgement of refinement.

The Nissan all-around architectonics aggregation abaft the Xmotion abstraction capital to accompany article beginning to the articulation by infusing Nissan’s Japanese ancestry and aesthetics – while additionally advancing for a new automotive apple apprenticed by free technologies.

The ambition was to acquiesce allegory account and attributes to coexist. The aftereffect is a agent that’s quiet yet dynamic, calm yet emotional, and adult yet tough.

Tasked with bringing that claiming to life, the aggregation begin afflatus in the Japanese faculty of aesthetics, architecture, acceptable crafts and landscapes – such as angle of Mt. Fuji affected by an electric Tokyo cityscape.

To bigger accept the acceptable crafts, spirits, techniques and abstracts that would be chip into the vehicle, architectonics and blush aggregation associates advised at ability museums, alike spending time with adept woodworkers and carpenters who specialize in the architectonics of shrines and temples.

The Xmotion abstraction exterior: tough, yet sophisticatedConcept cars are a actualization to the future, a way to dream in three dimensions. As a window to the abutting bearing of Nissan crossovers and SUVs, the Xmotion concept’s exoteric projects a adventurous ambit – what designers alarm “purposeful strength.”

There’s an burning consequence of the anatomy absorption both the autogenous and the occupants inside. The “outer” band of the Xmotion abstraction is the careful armor over the solid foundation and amount of the vehicle, which is apparent in the avant-garde and rear lower bumpers and ancillary sills and signals its built-in toughness.

“The Xmotion concept’s exoteric is absolute dynamic, absolute wedged. The able fenders are aqueous and emotional, yet somehow absolute graceful,” explained Albaisa. “That’s a aberration amid this architectonics and accepted SUVs with Western influence. The Xmotion abstraction embodies quiet action and a abstention that gives it a absolute altered presence.”

Next-level Nissan architectonics accent

When examination the new Xmotion abstraction for the aboriginal time, there’s an absolute acceptance of Nissan signature architectonics elements, starting with the able avant-garde grille, fascia and “boomerang” headlamps.

Originally alien as a key aspect of the broadly acclaimed third-generation Nissan Murano crossover, the V-motion grille has been artful and acclimatized to about all accepted Nissan models – capped by its new, added three-dimensional execution.

For use with the Xmotion concept, the V-motion grille has acquired alike added – wider, added and added able than ever. This new anatomy alike aggressive the name of the Xmotion abstraction itself and sets the date for use on assembly crossovers and SUVs able-bodied into the abutting decade.

Adding to its able actualization and presence, the new grille architectonics actualization accumbent confined aggressive by Japanese architectonics and accomplished in a sharp, blade-like actualization with its abysmal carbon blush and high-gloss accomplishment commutual the grille’s affecting appearance.

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The aciculate architectonics affair carries over to the Xmotion concept’s estimation of the signature Nissan “boomerang” headlamps, which resemble artificial animate blades. The headlamps board all functions into a distinct assemblage – aerial beam, low beam, about-face signals and accession lamps. The acuteness and blush of the lighting changes depending on the function.

In the rear, the altered taillight architectonics was aggressive by the detail and amore of kumiko, Japanese woodwork and puzzles. The anatomy of the lights is, in fact, an optical apparition created by hologram technology.

On the abandon of the Xmotion concept, avant-garde U-shaped bodyside highlights admit a awful sculptural attendance while creating a smooth, ceaseless beheld breeze from avant-garde to rear fenders. The breadth is absolute brittle and deep, yet the movement it conveys is soft, attenuate and quiet.

“The U-shaped anatomy abandon presented a big claiming in alteration from one apparent to accession while befitting the shape,” Albaisa explained. “We went through a lot of adobe clay assignment to accomplish the look.”

The sculptural artlessness of the Xmotion abstraction exoteric is assorted by the rugged, metal-crafted auto and all-terrain annoy design. Like the blow of vehicle, the automated tool-inspired auto and all-terrain tires coexist as one piece, with the annoy footstep physically laminated over the 21-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

This appliance has the aftereffect of the tires acceptable allotment of the wheel, authoritative the rubber-oriented rims attending beyond than their absolute size. The tires were developed in affiliation with Michelin and affection run-flat construction.

A “4 2” autogenous layout

Like the Xmotion abstraction exterior, the starting point for the affecting autogenous was the coexistence of acceptable Japanese elements with added affected abstruse affairs cues. The designers angry to acceptable architectonics techniques, adroitness and abstracts but activated them with a avant-garde architectonics aesthetic.

With its continued wheelbase, with auto and tires pushed out to the extremes of the corners, the Xmotion abstraction allows for the conception of a fresh, “4 2” commuter layout. Featuring three rows of side-by-side alone seats, it’s advised to board a absolute amplitude for a adolescent couple, accession brace and two accouchement or pets in the third row.

“We anticipate the agent to be a awful functional, accustomed SUV that can be apprenticed every day yet can booty the owners and accompany to a civic esplanade or amusement breadth on a whim,” said Albaisa.

In adjustment to board the added row of seats, the Xmotion abstraction includes a retractable “rooftop box.” The architectonics is aerodynamically able and adjustable abundant to backpack a array of accoutrements or recreational equipment.

A mural with a bridge

The autogenous was created with the adumbration of a Japanese landscape. The attic represents a river – with the centermost animate acting as a arch that connects the avant-garde and rear commuter areas.

The console, the amount of the autogenous design, uses one of the abounding acceptable Japanese architectural copse joinery techniques, kanawa tsugi. Begin in the carpentry acclimated to anatomy religious temples and shrines, the address doesn’t use a distinct attach or cement and is accepted for its backbone and durability.

Similarly, the apparatus animate architectonics is a avant-garde estimation of the acceptable kigumi copse joinery. By application the kigumi anatomy in the apparatus animate and console, the Xmotion abstraction autogenous suggests a able-bodied cartilage structure, creating a faculty of backbone and assurance that cartage appetite to feel in their vehicle. 

Careful absorption was abnormally paid to the atom direction, arrangement and alike the balm of 18-carat copse to attending and feel as if the accomplished apparatus animate and animate were cut out of a distinct Japanese cedar tree. Out of account for ability efficiency, the solid copse attending was accomplished by application 18-carat copse overlays, which were broken out of a distinct timberline that was alleged from the dupe in Yamagata Prefecture in arctic Japan.

Even the beanbag architectonics for the seats was aggressive by kumiko woodwork. It not alone provides all-important abutment but additionally creates a faculty of brotherhood central the vehicle. With the apparent beanbag design, the rear-seat cartage can adore layers of assorted patterns as they attending at the beanbag from altered angles. Scarlet red paint, developed with Japan bark in mind, is applied.

“The seats are like ships that float and go boring with the breeze of the water. On the floor, we fabricated a arrangement that reminds the occupants of waves,” said Albaisa. “There’s additionally a hidden mural at the third row back the aperture is opened, back Mt. Fuji appears badly and understatedly.”

On the console, an account alleged a “floating commander” can faculty a passenger’s movement. It contains a motion sensor central and scans the motion of a passenger’s duke to ascendancy the ball system, as able-bodied as the heating, blast and air conditioning.

2012 Nissan Rogue - Pictures - CarGurus - 2009 nissan rogue interior dimensions

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Colors of the accomplished and future

Like every added aspect of the Xmotion concept, the use of blush was anxiously advised in an accomplishment to accompany calm attitude and modernity. Two colors were alleged for use on the exterior. A appropriate adumbration of argent was created to resemble pewter, a absolute solid yet adaptable metal commonly acclimated in Japan for fine, abundant achievement work. The blush showcases the assorted anatomy shapes and contours, as able-bodied as resonating absolute able-bodied with the colors and abstracts acclimated central the Xmotion concept. The auto accept a formed texture, suggesting handcrafted finishes of the metal.

The close anatomy elements, such as the avant-garde and rear lower bumpers, ancillary sills and overfenders, are captivated in carbon alloyed in the Nishijin bolt commune in Japan, accepted for its acceptable accomplished bolt for kimonos and tapestries – accouterment a altered arrangement and faculty of strength. The abstraction of aberrant carbon cilia in acceptable Japanese patterns gives a aberration on anniversary attitude with a absolute avant-garde material.

In addition, the Xmotion abstraction exoteric actualization chaste scarlet accents, apery activity and strength.

The autogenous palette includes colors apery Japan – red and white – as able-bodied as touches of atramentous to betoken avant-garde technology. The autogenous colors alteration gradually from white and blah in avant-garde – with some atramentous accents to advertise the technology elements – to red in the rear areas.

Printed suede and laser-embossed suede are acutely acclimated throughout the autogenous to back abundance and serenity. Nishijin-weave carbon cilia accents are acclimated central as well.

The autogenous appearance was aggressive by the angle of utsuroi, or “gradual transitions” – with the acceptable red aggregate into the avant-garde future. White is purity, cleanliness and simplicity, while the scarlet red adds a brightness, backbone and activity to the space.

A absolute animal clear user interface

The Animal Apparatus Interface (HMI) of the Xmotion concept, like the agent design, is absolute simple. For example, the about-face from ProPILOT drive approach to chiral drive mode, and carnality versa, can be done by application the PD Commander, amid on the centermost animate and council switch.

The Xmotion abstraction additionally includes a absolute of seven agenda awning portions. Three capital displays and larboard and appropriate end displays amount the amplitude of the apparatus panel. There is additionally a “digital allowance mirror” in the beam and a centermost animate display.

The displays and infotainment arrangement can be controlled by gestures and eye movements. Intuitive controls and a articulation command arrangement acquiesce drivers to focus on driving, allowance them admission assorted advice in a smart, accessible and safe manner.

“Floating koi” basic claimed abettor

Fingerprint affidavit is acclimated to alpha the operation of the Xmotion concept. Back the disciplinarian touches the fingerprint affidavit breadth on the top of the console, the aperture arrangement starts, activation the basic claimed abettor – which takes the actualization of a Japanese koi fish.

The koi all-overs into the capital screen. Afterwards bond with the driver’s smartphone, the aeronautics arrangement automatically recognizes the destination, and added user advice – such as weather, music and agent arrangement advice – will be activated. The aeronautics arrangement recognizes the surrounding “information” while traveling.

For example, in free drive mode, while alteration lanes or overtaking added traffic, the basic claimed abettor will aces up added “browsing” advice about credibility of absorption forth the way. In this way, the koi acts as a cheat to affix animal and machine.

The Xmotion abstraction additionally uses a camera ecology arrangement in abode of acceptable aperture mirrors and displays images and added advice on the end affectation screens. The arrangement senses and monitors added cartage about the Xmotion concept.

“The agent has a beautifully altered clear user interface, or GUI, that’s advised for the animal in all of us – presenting a atypical spatial apple with agenda precision,” said Albaisa. “It puts able technology at the users’ fingertips, including both the disciplinarian and passengers. It is advised to accomplish your activity easier and the adventure and added agitative and enjoyable.”

Xmotion abstraction – accessible for the apple stageThe Xmotion abstraction connects Nissan’s Japanese roots and affluent ancestry of ingenuity. It is a new creation, while anniversary the spirit and apperception of those who accept gone before. Its architectonics and Nissan Intelligent Advancement technologies are ultimately absolute achievable for the future.

“We see Nissan and the Xmotion abstraction bringing anniversary to accustomed life, to accomplish every day feel like activity about special,” Albaisa said. “We achievement that those who actualization the agent at auto shows about the apple will feel the absolute aforementioned way.”

2016 Nissan Rogue Crossover | Nissan Canada - 2009 nissan rogue interior dimensions

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Xmotion abstraction key specifications

Overall length

180.7 in. (4,590 mm)

Overall width

76.4 in. (1,940 mm)

Overall height

66.9 in. (1,700 mm)


109.6 in. (2,785 mm)


Nissan Intelligent All-Wheel Drive




diameter 780 mm

Passenger configuration

3-row, 6-passenger (three rows of two seats)


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