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Half a actor Tesla Archetypal 3 catch holders ability disagree, but the acknowledge of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf is the bigger electric agent account of the year. The acumen is not that the Leaf is a added important car than the Archetypal 3 – we won’t get into that agitation actuality – but the contempo aboriginal commitment accident of the Archetypal 3 was added a anniversary of what we abstruse aftermost year than a lot of new information. With the long-awaited admission of the 2018 Nissan Leaf, though, we accept the world’s arch electric agent automaker declaring how it will move avant-garde with its second-gen product. The aggregation has anticipation continued and adamantine – too long, for some – about area to booty the world’s acknowledged EV. We assuredly can see what’s been decided.

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On a examination cruise to Japan to altercate the new Leaf beforehand this year, InsideEVs abstruse that there will be two capital Leaf models with altered ranges acknowledge to two new batteries, a 40- and a 60-kWh pack. The new LEAF assets 40% added ambit (400 km/248 afar ambit on the optimistic Japanese JC-08 standard), in the absolute world, that translates to 150 miles/240 of EPA estimated range. The e-Plus 60-kWh Leaf should action over 200 afar (estimated at 220-225 miles). Here’s the absorbing thing, though: Nissan isn’t talking abundant about that e-Plus archetypal today at the accompanying acknowledge of the new Leaf in Japan and Las Vegas. Instead, the focus for the U.S. bazaar is on the price, which starts at an absorbing $29,990, or $690 beneath than the accepted 2017 Leaf.

The best ambit Nissan LEAF arrives in 2018

The 40 kWh Nissan LEAF bliss off sales in Japan in October, and in the US about year’s end (officially in all 50 states in aboriginal 2018).  The upcoming/larger array arrives in the additional bisected of 2018 (as a MY 2019 offering).

There’s a lot to anticipate about in that decision, and you can see some of the acumen in new Leaf’s design. Instead of the instantly identifiable avant-garde end, the new EV has been bass bottomward to article akin a accustomed car. Aback Nissan advised the aboriginal Leaf, the “frog” headlights were bare to abate NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) of the quiet electric vehicle. Aback the New Leaf is bigger on all those counts, the avant-garde end can attending added normal, with way lower headlights, and the aero is bigger as well.

Before we get too abundant into the new Leaf, let’s put Nissan’s EV efforts into perspective. Alike with those frog eyes, alike with a absolutely new affectionate of powertrain (in 2010, especially, aback the Leaf aboriginal arrived), and alike with a abundant amount exceptional over your boilerplate chump hatchback, Nissan has managed to advertise about 280,000 Leafs aback it launched (113,282 of those in the U.S. through August 2017). That agency the Leaf is the world’s acknowledged electric vehicle, and so we accept to anticipate that the aggregation knows a little article about business electric drive to the masses. The big catechism amid EV advocates for the aftermost two or three years – as the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Archetypal 3 went from account to absolute cartage – was whether Nissan was accepting conceited from comatose on its acclaim or if it would abide to appearance EV administration with the second-gen Leaf.

The actuality that the new Leaf will eventually appear with two altered ambit options, and that Nissan isn’t activity to be talking abundant about the longer, bigger one today, will be adorable animadversion fodder bottomward below, I’m sure, but Nissan is annihilation if not assured in its plan here. Afterwards all, alike afterwards the Bolt was released, the accepted Leaf enjoyed 10 months of year-over-year sales increases.

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It’s Nissan’s assessment that this access is because the Bolt isn’t anon siphoning abroad Leaf buyers, but brings new bodies to the EV segment. To alarm them abroad with allocution of a bigger archetypal abutting year isn’t in Nissan’s sales interests, alike if EV admirers absolutely in the apperceive will accept to adjudge if they appetite to delay for the e-Plus or jump into the 2018 Leaf today with all of its air-conditioned tech upgrades (we’ll get to those in a moment). By artlessly announcement a new Leaf with a massively adapted design, added ambit than the accepted model, and a lower price, that should get the bodies alfresco the EV balloon talking. As a Nissan adumbrative said in Japan, “Affordability is the aftereffect of democratizing the EV.”

The Leaf’s new, beneath arguable attending will advice aggrandize the pie, too. With the aboriginal Leaf, the architecture had to acquaint that it was allotment of a revolution. That has been accomplished, Nissan feels, so now the architecture can acquaint that the New Leaf is allotment of the accomplished company. That agency Rogue-ish appendage lights, a avant-garde end that won’t abstract you on the road, and an all-embracing beyond admeasurement (35 millimeters longer, 10 mm higher, 20 mm wider, and the centermost of force has been bargain by bristles mm) than the accepted model. The avant-garde end is pulled calm by the “ice cube grille,” which is alike on the alfresco for aerodynamic purposes, but looks affectionate of 3D attractive – and it hides the alarm sensors for some of the EV’s new tech (again, we’ll get to that in a minute).

Aside from the smoother avant-garde end, the big architecture change in the 2018 Leaf is the two-tone blush arrangement and amphibian roof acknowledgment to a atramentous C-pillar. The two-tone attending creates a nice breeze to the ample curve from the top to the taillights to the rear of the agent and aback up again. On the side, the 2018 Leaf’s zero-emission badges accept been placed college to accent the EV feel, but they’re not ascendant in any way.

2018 Nissan LEAF Interior

The adapted architecture has had an appulse on the new Leaf’s practicality, as well. The allegation ports are angled upwards, so you no best allegation to angle bottomward to get the cable to attach. From the inside, the Leaf feels right, but not ever impressive. The abstracts in the examples we were able to sit in were not cheap, but not luxurious, either. There will, of course, be altered trim levels that Nissan will allocution added about aback the 2018 Leaf gets afterpiece to activity on sale. There isn’t a Grand Canyon’s account of amplitude in the rear seats, but it’s affluence big.

In addition nod to practicality, abounding of the buttons that affect the way the car drives (like selecting amid Eco Mode or affability e-Pedal on or off) are aggregate calm amid the seats, abreast the drive selector. Other advice and controls are amassed in a ablaze 7-inch touchscreen in the centermost of the birr (this awning is abate on the lower-cost S trim).

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If you anticipate Nissan could accept gone with a added advancing attending with the new Leaf, apperceive that the architecture aggregation did actualize an “antagonist” model, which was a altered all-encompassing adaptation that showed addition administration the New Leaf could accept gone in. Cars don’t abide in vacuums, though, and aback the new Leaf is not activity to abide to be an “only child” in Nissan’s EV line-up, the ashen adaptation won out.

All right, let’s get to the tech. This is the allotment of the new Leaf that Nissan has been best afraid to aggravate and allocution about in the accession to today’s reveal, so a lot of this will be old account to approved readers. The highlight is the aboriginal use of ProPilot in a U.S. vehicle. Basically an avant-garde adaptive cruise ascendancy arrangement in its accepted state, ProPilot can accumulate the Leaf centered in a artery lane (once you’ve affianced the arrangement in a beeline so that it has recognizes the markings) and stop automatically in the case of an emergency acknowledgment to things like dark atom admonishing and affective article detection.

The U.S. and Japanese models will accept hardly altered specs here, aback the anchorage are altered in anniversary country. The U.S. won’t get the car’s air-conditioned self-parking technology aloof yet, for example, which agency we will absence out – for now – on seeing the car esplanade itself adenoids or appendage first, or alike alongside park, depending on what you acquaint the car to do. If there are assorted accessible spots, you can set the ambition manually. At atomic the nav arrangement has bigger in-vehicle chase to acquisition charging stations.

What’s apparently unsurprising, but additionally a bit of a tease, is that (from what we abstruse in Japan – this isn’t mentioned in today’s releases, so it may change) is that abandoned the two top trims, SV and SL, will action ProPilot in the tech packages. In the lower, S trim level, ProPilot will not be an option. If you can allow the college trim levels, than you can booty advantage of Nissan’s capital bulletin about its new car-assisted active tech: application ProPilot reduces the accent of driving. At atomic the any-speed, automated emergency braking will be accepted on all models.

ProPilot’s “hey, let’s accomplish that drive easier” vibe is complemented accurately by the Leaf’s new e-Pedal active style. Aback engaged, e-Pedal is basically a able adorning braking apparatus that makes one-pedal active absurdly easy. As anyone who’s apprenticed the old Mini E or a Tesla can adjure to, one-pedal active is a lot of fun, and it works absolutely able-bodied in the 2018 Leaf. Afterwards the accepted push-button start, you bound apprentice how to footfall bottomward on the accelerator to move avant-garde (or backward, as e-Pedal additionally works in reverse) and let up to appear to a stop. Given all of these enhancements, driving the new Leaf is not activity to be a claiming for best bodies in best situations.

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But is it fun? Yes, from what we could experience. Despite actuality accustomed to analysis the 2018 Leaf on a accelerated egg-shaped that was as abandoned as I brainstorm a North Korean artery to be best of the time, we were not accustomed to absolutely drive fast ourselves.

What we did apprentice is that aback you do footfall on the go pedal, you get hardly bigger achievement than you do in the accepted Leaf. The 0-100 kmh time has been cut by 15 percent, and the 60-100 kmh dart was bargain by 30 percent. The motor is the aforementioned 110-kW assemblage as the accepted Leaf, but the inverter has been improved, so you get added ability to the wheels. Maximum motor achievement is 147 application or 236 pound-feet of torque. The 2018 Leaf is software bound to a top acceleration of 140 kilometers per hour (87 afar per hour), aforementioned as the accepted Leaf. Looks like the leaked specs we saw a few weeks ago were mostly accurate.

Speaking of speed, aback it comes to fast-charging the battery, Nissan charcoal committed to CHAdeMO, and has no affairs for CCS. With the 40-kWh model, active into a CHAdeMO base will get your backpack 80 percent abounding in about 40 minutes.

Today’s acknowledge of the 2018 Leaf is absolutely aloof a new snapshot of a aggregation that continues to try and advance the backpack on electric vehicles. Yes, the EV alley is abundant added chock-full today than aback the aboriginal Leaf went on auction in 2010, but Nissan additionally has years of chump abstracts to adviser its decisions – and it’s absolutely befitting an eye on the competition. Aback assignment started on the new Leaf four years ago, the larger, 60-kWh backpack was not allotment of the plan, Leaf arch agent architect Hiroki Isobe told InsideEVs. Isobe’s association was that aback the ranges for the Bolt and Archetypal 3 were announced, Nissan knew it had to compete. Today’s 150-mile new Leaf won’t do it, but the accessible 60-kWh backpack archetypal should. Aloof how abounding sales will be acquired or absent by the accommodation to go with the lower ambit today, with added to appear later, charcoal one of the added absorbing aspects of today’s reveal.

There’s a lot that goes into these array of decisions. Foe archetype Nissan believes that aback the E-Plus adaptation comes out, that’s aback the Leaf will accessible up to a accomplished new articulation of customers. With the best range, bodies will be added acceptable to buy instead of lease, the aggregation thinks. The accepted mix is 55 percent lease, 45 percent purchases.

Then you accept the trim levels. As declared above, there will be some tech differences amid the trims (which, activity by the leaked documents, will be $32,490 for the SV and $36,200 for the SL) but all that ProPilot tech won’t be the abandoned affidavit you ability appetite to bounce for the higher-end models. Accepted in SL, and a advantage on the SV and S, will be a admixture Akin 1 2 charging cord. This will let you get a akin 2 allegation from a dryer outlet, say, after the allegation for installing a committed bank charger. The SV and SL trims will additionally be affiliated via cellular data, while the S is not. Nissan can’t do over-the-air updates application this affiliation aloof yet, but that’s actuality formed on, we were told.

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Then we get to the affair of federal tax incentives. The aggregation has awash 113,000 Leafs in the U.S., so it’s aloof over half-way to the incentives starting to appearance out, so Nissan additionally had to amount new Leaf low abundant to abstain big disappointments in the abreast future. This actuality abandoned will acceptable animate the Leaf-curious to get a new archetypal soon, after cat-and-mouse for the longer-range model, because they apperceive that 150 afar is plenty. And, aback the 2018 Leaf will be a 50-state agent at launch, and 80 percent of Nissan’s dealers in the U.S. are EV-ready, the weight is absolutely on the chump now. Nissan has done what it thinks is right, let’s see how the EV apple responds.

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