Five Common Myths About Nissan Rogue 25 Oil Filter | Nissan Rogue 25 Oil Filter

These are accepted anamnesis notices and the dates back the apprehension was issued. For added information, appointment the National Highway Traffic Assurance Administration at or

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BMW: 88,911 2007-11 Mini Cooper S, 2008-11 Mini Cooper S Clubman, 2009-11 Mini Cooper S convertible, 2009-11 Mini Cooper JCW, 2009-11 Mini Cooper JCW Clubman, 2009-11 Cooper JCW convertible, and 2011 Cooper S Countryman to alter the electric abetting baptize pump that cools the turbocharger, which has an cyberbanking ambit lath that can malfunction and overheat. 1/10/12

Ford: 205,896 2004-05 Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey to alter the torque converter, which may abort constant in a abrupt accident of motive ability with no warning. 1/4/12

Ford: 244,530 2001-02 Escape able with a ballast adept butt backlog cap that could aperture ballast fluid. Dealers will alter the cap and adapt the Antilock Ballast Arrangement electrical system. 1/4/12

Chrysler: 303 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 and Chrysler 300 SRT8 to reprogram the vehicle’s Annoy Burden Ecology System. 1/4/12

GM: 4,296 2012 Chevrolet Sonic to audit the advanced brakes for a missing close or alien pad. If missing, dealers will install new close and alien pads, ballast caliper and rotor. 12/22/11

Fisker: 239 2012 Karma cars. Aural the high-voltage battery, assertive corrupt clamps may accept been positioned afield during assembly. Dealers will alter the array with a new part. 12/21/11

GM: 8,789 2010-11 Cadillac SRX to ensure that the chiral about-face cable is appropriately baffled and built-in in the chiral cable bracket. The disciplinarian may be clumsy to about-face the chiral out of gear, constant in no motion or the shifter may inaccurately announce that the chiral is in Park back it is not, acceptance the abettor to cycle away. 12/20/11

Nissan: 14,718 2011 Infiniti FX, 2012 Infiniti M, 2011-12 Nissan Frontier, Xterra and Pathfinder and 2012 Nissan NV. Some of the bolts that affix the abettor oil acknowledgment and the abettor oil clarify to the abettor may not accept been bogus to specifications. As a result, the bolt may breach at the oil clarify adapter and account an abettor oil leak. 12/19/11

GM: 3,150 2011-12 Chevrolet Captiva to alter the ability council aqueous acknowledgment with an bigger version. Active the abettor with the chiral in chiral access and in aboriginal accent causes the abettor and ability council pump to accomplish at college acceleration than is typical. This can advance to ability council aqueous temperatures that access the melting point. This may advance to a backlog aperture and, in the attendance of an agitation source, may aftereffect in fire. 12/19/11

Nissan: 33,803 2010-11 Sentra with MR20 engines. The zinc blanket activated to the terminal stud bolt was thicker than specification. This can aftereffect in a voltage bead that may account adversity starting the abettor and could account dmaage to the abettor ascendancy bore (ECM). 12/14/11

Nissan: 28,294 2011 Juke to analysis the air basin tube, which may abstracted from the turbocharger addition sensor bracket and advance to a adjourned abettor afterwards warning, and alter if necessary. 12/8/11

Ford: 16,091 2011 F-150 and 2012 F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 abundant duty. The chiral can be confused out of the Park position afterwards acute the ballast pedal due to ballast about-face accord about-face problem. Ford dealers will audit the about-face action and alter if necessary. 12/5/11

Audi: 317 2012 Audi A6 to alter the larboard and/or appropriate blind air bag due to a botheration in the bond action of the blind air bag, which may advance to it not deploying in the accident of a crash. 12/5/11

Ford: 128,616 2010-11 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan able with 17-inch animate auto to alter the caster lug nuts. The caster studs may breach potentially causing a caster to separate. 12/5/11

Toyota: 210,000 2011-12 Sienna for declining to accommodated the claim for announcement the actual abettor accommodation weight as the rated bulk for the aggregate of burden and occupants. Toyota will mail a adapted placard to barter and revised buyer mail information. 11/30/11

Subaru: 31,959 2012 Impreza sedans and wagons (except WRX/STI models), and Legacy and Outback. These cartage may be able with a ballast academy butt that could malfunction and account an access in the bulk of ballast pedal biking ambit appropriate to apathetic or stop the vehicle. 11/28/11

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Nissan: 7,365 2011 Rogue to alter the Electric Ability Council abetment ascendancy assemblage if necessary. 11/23/11

Honda: 1,709,477 2001-02 Honda Accord, 2001-03 Civic 2-door and 4-door, 2002-03 CR-V, 2001-03 Odyssey, 2003 Acura CL, 2003 Pilot, 2002-03 Acura TL. This anamnesis is accompanying to a alternation of recalls on these cartage in which Honda is replacing the inflators aural the driver’s ancillary air bag to abode a abnormal condition. The aboriginal anamnesis was appear in April and was broadcast Dec. 8 to accommodate an added 272,779 cartage and 640 air accoutrements awash as backup parts. Dealers will audit vehciles, and alter any abnormal air bag inflator. 12/8/11

GM: 1,798 2012 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savanna. The added date of the dual-stage airbag will not aerate in a astringent aboveboard impact. GM will install a new advanced commuter air bag. 11/7/11

Nissan: 1,788 2011 and 2012 Infiniti G37 auto and 2011 Nissan 370Z to alter the ability window switches which were bogus out of blueprint due to a programming error. 11/3/11

Lotus: 52 2011 Elise to alter the about-face arresting module. The bore is not accordant with the advanced headlight agreement which includes the basic advanced LED about-face arresting units. 10/27/11

GM: 674 2012 Cadillac CTS because ability exhaustion ballast addition pushrod assimilation nut may not be torqued to the able specification. 11/2/11

Toyota: 420,326 2004 Avalon, 2004-05 Camry, Camry Solara, Highlander and Sienna, 2006 Highlander Hybrid, 2004-05 Lexus ES330 and RX330; and 2006 Lexus RX400H able with the 1MZ-FE or 3MZ-FE abettor to analysis the crankshaft caster for achievability of bare adhering abettor amid alien and close ring, which could advance to babble and/or beam of the array acquittal indicator light. In some cases, the belt for the ability council pump may become detached, constant in a abrupt accident of ability steering. 11/9/11

GM: 38,444 2008-09 Pontiac G8 due to an added accident of arch abrasion in abate developed females back the air bag deploys in a collision. Back the advanced commuter bench is positioned absolutely forward, there could be a adjournment in air bag deployment. GM will reprogram the bench position analysis and analytic module. 11/3/11

Chrysler: 5,334 2008-12 Right-hand-drive Jeep Wrangler to fix a burst electrical ambit in the air bag clockspring base assembly, which can advance to nondeployment of the disciplinarian aboveboard air bag. 11/1/11

Rolls Royce: 589 2010 Ghost with turbocharged engines because the ambit lath for the electric abetting baptize pump can overheat. This can advance to a afire of the pump and an abettor alcove or abettor fire. 10/20/11

BMW: 32,084 2011 5-Series, 2010-11 5-Series Gran Turismo, 2009-11 7-Series, 2010-11 X5 SAV and 2008-11 X6 SAV with 8- or 12-cylinder turbocharged engines to alter the electric abetting baptize pump, which can overheat. 10/20/11

GM: 33,964 2012 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain to amend the annoy burden ecology arrangement anatomy ascendancy bore to accede with assurance standards. 10/18/11

Lotus: 5,037 2005-06 Elise and Exige due to the achievability of the oil acknowledgment band acceptable alone from its fitting, which could aerosol oil on a annoy accretion the accident of a crash. 10/14/11

Volvo: 19,600 2006-12 C70 eqipped with an alternative accent added annoy kit. A misprinted characterization could advance to abnormal annoy inflation, which could aftereffect in annoy failure, accretion accident of a crash.

GM: 5,755 2011-12 Chevrolet Corvette coupes to alter the rear aperture bear hinges, which could abstracted in a crash, accretion the accident of injury. 10/3/11

Mercedes-Benz: 6,872 2011 E-Class (212 platform), R-Class (251 platform), ML-Class (w164 platform), GL-Class (x164 platform) and 2012 S-Class (221 platform) cartage to audit and alter if all-important the agent ammunition filter, which may aperture from the breadth about the heating component. 9/30/11

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Volkswagen: 168,275 2009-12 Jetta and Jetta Sportwagen, 2010-12 Golf, and 2010-12 Audi A3 that are able with a 2-liter TDI comon abuse diesel/clean agent abettor to install an imporved ammunition injector band for the cardinal two butt and install beating dampers on all injector lines. 9/30/11

BMW: 190 2011 328i and 335i XDrive to alter the advanced driveshaft adapter bolts, which may not accept been anchored to specification. If the bolts loosen, it could advance to a accident of ability to the advanced auto and ultimately a abettor breakdown. 9/15/11

Hyundai: 205,233 2007-08 Veracruz and 2007-08 Santa Fe to alter the driver’s air bag alarm bounce acquaintance assembly, which may become damaged through acceptance over time. 9/8/11

Honda: 310,773 2009-11 Pilot to alter the seatbelts if necessary. There is a achievability that the bond that secures the end of the disciplinarian and advanced commuter lap area of the seatbelt may be abridged or missing. 9/8/11

Volkswagen: 30,294 2011-12 Jetta sedans to audit and alter the stainless animate bankrupt tip if necessary. Some cartage had an aqueduct installed at the anchorage during access that may extend above breadth of factory-installed pipes and advance to careless acquaintance with a person’s leg area a bake could occur. 9/7/11

Kia: 10,631 2007-08 Sorento. The advanced commuter airbag may be angry off back an developed is in the commuter seat. Kia will audit and amend the programming in the OCS ascendancy module. 9/6/11

Subaru: 69,590 2011 Outback and Legacy to audit the moonroof bottle adherence action and administer added adhering or alter the moonroof glass, which may appear apart or detach. 9/6/11

Subaru: 195,080 2010-11 Outback and Legacy to alter the advanced wiper motor basal awning assembly. Apparatus axial may overheat casuing the awning to cook and potentially bolt fire. 9/6/11

Subaru: 295,123 2002-07 Impreza, 2003-08 Forester and 2005-06 Saab 9-2X to audit and alter if all-important the advanced lower ascendancy arms, which may breach at the hanger brackets due to bane if the bracket is apparent to acrid and boiling environments. 9/6/11

Honda: 80,111 2006 CR-Vs to alter the driver’s ancillary ability window-control switch. The switch’s architecture allows car-cleaner balance to accumulate, causing the electrical contacts to degrade. This could advance to a fire. And 5,626 2011 CR-Zs with chiral chiral to install a software amend fix. On some models the electric motor will circle in the adverse administration of what’s been called with the shifter (if you are in Drive, the car may cycle astern instead). 9/6/11

BMW: 241,000 2002-05 3 Alternation models over a botheration with the taillamps. Some trims of the 325i, 325xi, 330i and 330x may accept taillamps in which the lamp adapter and apartment assemblage can abide electrical inputs. If this happens, axis signals, braking and night beam may be absent intermittently or permanently. 9/1/11

BMW: 2,120 2009 X5 xDrive35d (or X5 diesel) due to clarify issues that could advance to an abettor fire. On some models the ammunition clarify heater, which heats up the agent ammunition during algid winter driving, can acquaintance an electrical afflict that can account the boiler to break on permanently, alike back the agitation is off. 8/31/11

Maserati: 763 2009 Granturismo and Quattroporte to alter tie rods that may accept been machined incorrectly, install a tie-rod kit and accomplish a caster alignment. 8/5/11

Chevrolet: 10,344 2012 Impala to audit and ensure that the high ability council corrupt is baffled accurately and accomplish aliment if necessary. 8/5/11

Porsche: 235 2011 911 Speedster and 911 GTS RS 4.0; and 2012 Boxster (including S and Spyder); Cayman including S and R); 911 Carrera (including S, GTS, 4, 4S and 4 GTS); 911 Targa 4 and Targa 4S; and 911 Turbo and Turbo S due to achievability that ascent holes in bench belt ballast plates adapted to abettor are too small. 8/3/11

GM: 4,077 2012 Buick LaCrosse due to an incorrect arrangement on the stabilitrack system. Dealers will reprogram the cyberbanking ballast ascendancy module. 8/3/11

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Honda: 1,512,107 2005-10 Accord, 2007-10 CR-V, and 2005-08 Element to amend the automated chiral ascendancy bore software to abatement the achievability of the transmission’s accessory shaft address actuality damaged back the car is confused too bound beneath assertive active conditions. 8/3/11

Chrysler: 299,718 2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager, Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan to alter an air bag module. A accessible HVAC aperture from the cesspool adolescent assimilate the addressee abstemiousness ascendancy bore can advance to the beam of the airbag admonishing ablaze and careless airbag deployment afterwards warning. 8/3/11

Volkwagen: 920 2011-12 Audi R8 Spyder to audit the ammunition accumulation line, which may be abrading adjoin the calefaction absorber in the abettor compartment, and alter if needed. 8/1/11

Ford: 1,100,000 1997-2003 F-150, 2004 F-150 Heritage, 1997-99 F-250 and 2002-03 Lincoln Blackwood due to accessible bane of the ammunition catchbasin straps which defended it to the abettor afterwards abiding acknowledgment to alley deicing chemicals. 7/’29/11

Volvo: 8,406 2007 S80 due to achievability of the ability council backlog corrupt actuality afield routed, which can aftereffect in added burden in the ability council arrangement and the corrupt beginning at the council gear. 7/21/11

Nissan: 20,000 2011-12 Altima sedans to alter the axle articulation bolts and basics and bind them to the able torque specification. 7/19/21

Ford: 2,945 2007 Ford 500 and Mercury Montego to alter the ammunition tank, which may not accept constant welds amid the catchbasin and ammunition accompaniment close spud. 7/7/11

Chrysler: 242,780 2003-11 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4×4, 2008-11 Dodge Ram 3500 Cab Chassis 4×2, and 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Mega Cab 4×4, due to achievability of lift tie rod brawl stud fracturing. 7/6/11

Toyota: 82,273 2006-07 Highlander Hybrid and Lexus RX 400h crossovers due to a abnormal ability module. Some of the transistors on the bore were clumsily anchored and could become damaged by calefaction during high-load driving. 6/29/11

GM: 739 2011 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV, Chevrolet Silverado HD and LD, Suburban Tahoe and GMC Sierra HD and LD, Yukon and Yukon XL to audit and ensure that the average council shaft bolts are anchored to able specification. 6/28/11

GM: 6,768 2011 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon with a 2.9- or 3.7-liter abettor and four-speed automated chiral to install a new automated chiral acclimation clip. 6/28/11

Mazda: 103,300 2008-09 Mazda3 and Mazda Speed3 due to achievability of the arena terminal of the windshield wiper motor accepting been aback angled during assembly. 6/15/11

Porsche: 1,702 2010-11 911 Turbo, Turbo S, 911 GT3, GT3 RS and GT2 RS high-performance cars to alter the axial locking hubs and auto with an bigger design. 6/9/11

Chrysler: 11,351 2011 Dodge Journey, Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler 200, Chrysler 200 convertible, Dodge Avenger, Dodge Nitro, Jeep Liberty, Dodge Caliber, Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot, Dodge Grand Cravan and Chrysler Town & Country due to achievability of missing or afield installed council cavalcade axis rivet. 6/7/11

Toyota: 52,377 2001-03 Prius to alter the basics in the council linkage, which may loosed constant in bargain electric council abetment back authoritative a larboard turn. 6/1/11

Volvo: 7,558 2012 S60 to advancement the abettor ascendancy bore software to abstain abhorrence with some ammunition pumps and apparatus constant in bereft ammunition transfer. 5/26/11

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Honda: 1,156 2012 Civic 2-door and 4-door to analysis for and adjustment if bare a accessible misaligned o-ring, which seals a affiliation in the ammunition augment line. 5/16/11

Volvo: 350 2010-11 XC90 to analysis for a ability council aqueous aperture from the oil aqueduct affiliation at the council accent valve apartment and alter if necessary. 5/12/11

Five Common Myths About Nissan Rogue 25 Oil Filter | Nissan Rogue 25 Oil Filter – nissan rogue 2011 oil filter
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