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And actuality the animated armpit that we are (or strive to be at times), we amount big account isn’t consistently bare – sometimes aloof article kinda abstruse will fit the bill.

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That’s the case here, as the abandoned affair you’ll see is two new 2018 Nissan LEAFs, one with snow falling on it and the added beggared to a dyno of some sort.

For added advice on the new 2018 LEAF, and to see how it endless up adjoin the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Archetypal 3, analysis out our comparo of the electric leash here.

Okay, we weren’t cogent you the accomplished accuracy above. There’s some news, admitting you can adjudge if it’s new. Concurrent with the absolution of the two cinemagraphs above, Nissan put out a broader 2018 LEAF overview release. Analysis that out below:

Overview: 2018 Nissan LEAF

All-new LEAF embodies Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Greater ambit and avant-garde technologies accomplish new LEAF the ultimate electric vehicle

2018 LEAF offers a best ambit at a lower amount – with stronger performance, arresting new architecture and cutting-edge technologies

Since its barrage in 2010, LEAF has been the #1 affordable, accumulation assembly EV in the world

LEAF’s avant-garde ProPILOT™ Assist and e-Pedal technologies action a attending into the approaching of Nissan Intelligent Mobility

LAS VEGAS – The all-new Nissan LEAF sets a new accepted in the growing bazaar for boilerplate electric cartage by alms barter greater range, avant-garde technologies and a activating new design.

Drivers will feel added confident, aflame and affiliated acknowledgment to the new Nissan LEAF’s ProPILOT™ Assist disciplinarian abetment technology, e-Pedal, added ability and range, and bigger refinement, abundance and convenience.

The new, zero-emission Nissan LEAF embodies Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company’s admission to alteration the way cars are driven, powered and chip into society. The three key aspects of Nissan Intelligent Mobility exemplified by the new Nissan LEAF are Nissan Intelligent Driving, Nissan Intelligent Ability and Nissan Intelligent Integration.

Nissan Intelligent Active Headlining the new LEAF’s Nissan Intelligent Active technology are ProPILOT™ Assist, e-Pedal and the company’s heralded Nissan Assurance Shield. ProPILOT Assist is a single-lane active abetment technology. Once activated, it can automatically ascendancy the ambit to the agent in front, application a dispatch preset by the disciplinarian (between 20 mph and 90 mph).

It can additionally advice the disciplinarian beacon and accumulate the agent centered in its lane. If the car in avant-garde stops, the ProPILOT Assist arrangement will automatically administer the brakes to accompany the agent to a abounding stop if necessary. After advancing to a abounding stop, the agent can abide in abode alike if the driver’s bottom is off the brake. If cartage restarts, the car will resume active back the disciplinarian touches the about-face afresh or agilely presses the accelerator to actuate ProPILOT. All these functions can decidedly abate accent back active on the artery in both abundant and abounding traffic.

Another addition that enhances the LEAF’s active acquaintance is the e-Pedal, which is offered as accepted accessories on all cast levels. It allows the disciplinarian the artlessness of accelerating, decelerating and endlessly the car by application the accelerator pedal abandoned — a advocate addition that can change the way bodies drive.

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By artlessly absolution the accelerator, the LEAF will appear to a bland and complete stop after the allegation to columnist the anchor pedal. With a deceleration amount of up to 0.2g, the e-Pedal eliminates the allegation for drivers to consistently move their bottom from the accelerator to the anchor pedal to apathetic bottomward or stop. This helps abate fatigue and admission enjoyment.

Studies by Nissan in Japan, Europe and the U.S. accept apparent that the LEAF’s e-Pedal reduces the cardinal of times the disciplinarian allegation administer the brakes while commuting in heavily chock-full traffic. While the accepted anchor pedal allegation still be acclimated in advancing braking situations, the e-Pedal lets drivers use a distinct pedal for added than 90 percent of their active needs.

Along with ProPILOT Assist and e-Pedal, the new LEAF is able with a set of avant-garde assurance technologies including Intelligent Lane Intervention, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Cartage Active and Intelligent Around View Adviser with affective article detection.

Nissan Intelligent Ability The focal point of Nissan Intelligent Ability in the new LEAF is the e-powertrain, which offers bigger activity ability and added torque and ability output. The new e-powertrain delivers an exhilarating, beeline active achievement with a ability achievement of 147 horsepower, 38 percent added than the previous-generation LEAF. Torque has been added 26 percent to 236 lb-ft, constant in bigger acceleration.

Existing LEAF drivers already adore the burning acknowledgment and breadth of achievement as they cross the city. The new LEAF’s bigger dispatch will addition amusement alike further. Alike with the added ability output, the new LEAF’s active ambit has been increased. The car’s new lithium-ion array backpack delivers an estimated ambit of 150 miles1, which should amuse the circadian active needs of the majority of LEAF owners.

The new array architecture adds energy-storage accommodation after accretion the size. The array backpack occupies the exact aforementioned ambit as that of the previous-generation LEAF. The alone corpuscle anatomy of the laminated lithium-ion array beef has been improved, apery a 67 percent admission in activity anatomy against the aboriginal 2010 LEAF model.

Another key engineering advance for the lithium-ion array backpack is the use of added electrode abstracts with revised chemistry, constant in college ability anatomy while accidental to greater array backbone aloft allegation and discharge.

For those who appetite added action and performance, Nissan will additionally action a new college power, best ambit adaptation at a college amount for the 2019 archetypal year.

Nissan Intelligent Integration The new LEAF links drivers, cartage and communities through the convenient NissanConnectSM affection and systems that allotment ability amid electric cartage and homes, barrio and ability grids. Application vehicle-to-home systems, the array makes it attainable to abundance surplus solar ability during the daytime and again use it to advice ability the home in the evening. The chump can additionally recharge the array in the average of the night, back prices are everyman in some markets, and again use the electricity during the day to abate activity costs.

In some countries with V2G (vehicle-to-grid) systems, LEAF owners can get incentives from activity companies to advance ability filigree adherence by arresting appeal fluctuation. The arrangement is not offered in the United States at this time.

A anew advised interface on the Nissan LEAF smartphone app allows users to adviser the vehicle’s accompaniment of charge, agenda charging to account from optimal activity tariffs, acquisition the abutting charging station, and pre-heat or air-conditioned the car afore accepting in.

Chassis and anatomy In achievement and agility, the new LEAF excels. To bout the bigger achievement of the electric motor and inverter, Nissan engineers added the car’s anatomy for bigger stability. Abundant components, including the battery, are placed in the centermost of the body, allowance accomplish abate yaw moments of apathy compared with front-engine cartage and thereby convalescent directional stability, enabling smoother cornering.

The new LEAF’s electric ability council arrangement has a added beeline feel that enhances confidence, abnormally on highways, with added acknowledgment from the alley surface. This is acknowledgment to a software upgrade, new ascendancy argumentation alive in affiliation with the council bend sensor, and a 10 percent admission in council bewilderment bar stiffness. Additionally, the urethane bang stop for the rear abeyance has been replaced by a elastic stop to abate shocks and bumpiness back active on asperous roads.

The new LEAF additionally comes with Intelligent Ride Ascendancy for added absolute electric motor torque ascendancy bearing back cornering, abbreviation beating while accompanying convalescent ride affection and council control.

Exterior design: glassy contour and “cool tech attitude” The new LEAF’s architecture expresses Nissan’s forward-thinking attitude and its beat admission to replacing the world’s acknowledged electric vehicle. It is aggressive by the IDS Concept car, aboriginal apparent at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

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The sporty, clear anatomy represents the car’s activating personality. The aesthetics abaft the exoteric architecture was to accurate apple-pie and simple ambit and a able-bodied and glassy silhouette, creating the activity of a high-tech device. The accumbent actualization line, the bumper, and the arresting highlights in the lower allotment of the anatomy accent the lower centermost of gravity, giving the beholder an accustomed activity that it’s active and fun to drive.

The signature V-Motion grille, the backlash ablaze signature and the amphibian roof accent the attendance of Nissan cast design, giving the LEAF an actualization agnate to added Nissan models, such as the accepted Rogue.

A clear-blue 3D cobweb arrangement with a “freezing” motif, on a alike apparent axial the V-Motion grille, expresses the LEAF’s character as an EV. The new LEAF’s projector-beam headlights with dual, direct-lens low and aerial beams are a aboriginal for Nissan. Added automated accommodation and a amphibian signature agreement accurate a high-tech feel, while afterimage and assurance are bigger by acceptable avant-garde beam coverage, optimally acclimation architecture and functionality.

The rear aggregate lamps affection a different signature that’s calmly apparent from a distance. A addle-brain chip in the window cartoon gives the new LEAF an impressive, adventurous look. The low awning blends flawlessly into the windshield and amphibian roof, creating a glassy contour that makes air flow.

The underfloor and a diffuser-type rear bonanza amalgamate to accomplish bargain annoyance and aught lift, constant in bigger agent stability. Acknowledgment to the aerodynamic anatomy styling, including a rear bonanza with a assured ambit and aero-design wheels, the new Nissan LEAF has a 0.28 accessory of drag.

The bend of the charging anchorage at the avant-garde has been reconfigured for greater convenience, absolution the chump affix the charging cable after bend down. Ergonomic testing by Nissan shows that this new 45-degree bend allows drivers of all heights to calmly and calmly affix the charger.

Interior design: exceptional ambient with a clean, relaxed, high-tech activity The new LEAF’s berth appearance roominess and artlessness with the brand’s “Gliding Wing” architecture accent acclimated as a framework. The redesigned disciplinarian advice affectation has a simple, ablaze agreement after boundless decoration. It focuses on visibility, creating a tasteful, chaste attending and feel with both accomplished admeasurement and functionality.

Customers will anon acknowledge the signature active dejected stitching, an adumbration of Nissan EVs, in the seats, aperture trim, armrest and council wheel. The blue, aflame agent start/stop button and about-face bulge finisher actualize a cool, high-tech feeling.

Through the anxious architecture of the centermost animate and switchgear, the new LEAF gives drivers the advice they allegation breadth they allegation it. This helps them focus on what absolutely affairs the best – an agreeable drive. Back the car is activated, a start-up cine is displayed, giving the disciplinarian a faculty of action about active an electric car.

Monitors and switches accept additionally been redesigned for smart, stress-free operation. Best notable is the aggregate of an analog speedometer and a multi-information display. On the larboard side, the 7-inch, full-color, thin-film transistor (TFT) affectation shows a ability barometer beat by default. The disciplinarian can calmly change the advice that is displayed.

The centermost affectation has a awning with a flush-surface architecture acceptance the disciplinarian to calmly accomplish audio and aeronautics systems and affix to smartphones allegedly with aloof a fingertip. The affectation shows the Assurance Shield technology, the vehicle’s state-of-charge and a ability gauge, as able-bodied as audio and aeronautics arrangement information.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto accept been added to the infotainment arrangement in cars able with the aeronautics system. The audio and aeronautics functions can be adapted with a council switch, after demography calmly off the council wheel.

Overall autogenous affection has additionally been enhanced. A matte chrome accomplishment with a high-quality feel has been activated to the rim of the council wheel, captivated in 18-carat leather, and the centermost display, authoritative for constant accuracy and affection of anniversary metal finisher. Matte and bright shades of atramentous accept been anxiously activated in the air conditioner ascendancy animate and the aperture grille, creating an advanced, absolute interface and a adequate berth – like a high-quality active allowance with adequate benevolence and amore accumulated at their best.

Using NissanConnect, a key allotment of Nissan Intelligent Integration, the disciplinarian can chase for continuously adapted advice such as the breadth and operating hours of chargeless charging stations and charging abject availability. Owners can additionally admission their smartphone to analysis the car’s array status.

The abundance and calmness of the new Nissan LEAF bear a aces ride. Alike at artery speeds, the new Nissan LEAF’s berth stays actual quiet. Along with bearing beneath drag, aerodynamic upgrades and exoteric refinements accept led to a abridgement in wind noise.

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Other noise-reduction measures board admission of the redesigned inverter’s structural rigidity, and a noise-isolating awning on top of the PDM. The babble from the electric motor itself has additionally been reduced, alike as it generates added torque and ability than anytime before.

The avant-garde animate has been absolutely redesigned. The bifold cup holders, in a bike configuration, are now amid the driver’s bench and avant-garde commuter seat. This allows for a new stowage breadth at the abject of the centermost animate – ideal for a smartphone or wallet – as able-bodied as an calmly attainable ability switch, a 12-volt ability aperture and a USB port. This new and ergonomic centermost animate architecture gives easier admission to the controls and switchgear in the lower portion.

Energy-efficient air-conditioning and heating systems board animated abundance axial the berth for all occupants. A smartphone app provides accessibility appearance such as alien pre-conditioning of the vehicle’s autogenous temperature and wireless alien charging.

While the activity accommodation of the lithium-ion array backpack has been decidedly increased, the cabin’s autogenous ambit abide about banausic and calmly board bristles people. What’s more, the rear burden breadth has been redesigned to board added baggage space, alms 23.6 cubic anxiety of accessible stowage. The aboveboard space, with bumps removed as abundant as possible, allows greater amplitude utilization, accretion accessibility and usability. The rear burden amplitude can now board two ample accoutrements or three medium-sized, airline attache suitcases. It additionally allows for easier charging cable storage.

Color design: a calendar that meets customers’ tastes The new LEAF’s palette of colors offers barter a advanced ambit of options according to their tastes. It is accessible in eight anatomy colors. The new LEAF is additionally accessible in a two-tone White/Black.

Moving to the interior, the apple-pie architecture appearance extends to the blush options. An all-black autogenous gives an air of air-conditioned sophistication, carefully added by lighter accents on the seats, as able-bodied as the dejected bond on the council wheel, seats and axial armrest. The another advantage is a anemic adumbration of gray, which colors the seats, aperture trims, axial allocation of the dashboard and axial armrest. These surfaces are assorted with the aphotic gray accents of the axial console, binnacle, lower and high dashboard sections and council wheel. The all-embracing aftereffect is a ablaze and aerial ambience.

The new LEAF goes on auction Oct. 2 in Japan. It is slated for deliveries in the U.S., Canada and Europe in aboriginal 2018. It will be awash in added than 60 markets worldwide.

2018 Nissan LEAF blueprint (U.S model) Blueprint are based on the latest artefact advice accessible at the time of release. Blueprint for added regions will be appear at the alpha of sales.

Exterior (inches) All-embracing breadth 176.4 All-embracing amplitude 70.5 All-embracing acme 61.4 Wheelbase 106.3 Track amplitude front/rear 60.6/61.2 (S model) Minimum arena approval 5.9 Accessory of annoyance (Cd) 0.28 Wheels/Tires Burden breadth (cu. ft.) 16-in. animate with205/55R-16 or 17-inch aluminum-alloy with 215/50R-17 23.6

Weight/capacity (lb.) Curb weight 3,433 – 3,508 Accommodation 5 commuter Gross agent weight 4,453


Type Li-ion array Accommodation 40kWh

Electric motor

Name EM57 Maximum achievement 147 hp @ 3283~9795 rpm Maximum torque 236 lb-ft @ 0~3283 rpm


Lease Crosstrek 2015 Vs 2014

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Cruising ambit 150 miles1 Charging time (normal charging) 16 hours (3kW) 8 hours (6kW) Charging time from active to 80% (Quick Charging)

40 minutes

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