What if everything ran on Petrol?


2 thoughts on “What if everything ran on Petrol?

  1. David Ireland says:

    Are the new Ecotricity Charge for Charges going to hurt new sales?

    80% Charge in 30 minutes (24kw)

    Nissan Leaf/EV200 Battery @ 80% 19.2kw

    20 Mins Ecotricity Charge 12.8kw

    Cost for 20 Mins Ecotricity £5.00

    Cost Per kw £0.39

    3.3 miles per Kw £0.12 (less on motorway driving)

    42mpg Fuel Comparison £4.97

    Fuel Ltr £1.08
    Fuel Gallon £4.90

    It’s certainly seems to knock the wind out of motorway charging?


    • Miles Roberts says:

      I agree that the new charges seem quite high, but you have to compare charging at a motorway services with filling with petrol on the motorway services. Unleaded/Diesel is more like £1.30 per litre, making a gallon cost £5.90.

      I would also argue that I get over 3.3 miles per kWh on average – probably more like 4mls/kWh in my LEAF, which again skews the figures a bit.

      Again, out of the 30,000 miles I covered in my LEAF last year, I’d say that I used the Ecotricity Rapid chargers less than twice a month on average. It all depends on your driving habits.

      I’ll do a post with some thoughts about the new Ecotricity charging scheme. Watch this space! 🙂


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