Nissan xStorage

Nissan has announced xStorage – a new residential energy storage unit, designed to help consumers to control how and when they can use energy in their own homes.

When connected to a residential power supply or renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the unit can save customers money on their utility bills by charging up when renewable energy is available or energy is cheaper (e.g. during the night) and releasing that stored energy when demand and costs are high. If a home is equipped with solar technology, this means that consumers can power their homes using clean energy stored in their xStorage system, and be rewarded financially for doing so by avoiding expensive daytime energy tariffs.

The home energy storage system also provides the ultimate back-up solution to consumers, ensuring that the lights never go out – ideal at a time when energy grids are coming under enormous strain. Moreover, customers can also generate additional revenues by selling stored energy back to the grid when demand and costs are high.


The xStorage unit will be the first device of its kind in the market to provide a fully integrated energy storage solution for homeowners. This means, unlike other storage devices, this factory made integrated unit ensures safety and performance when storing and distributing clean power to consumers. Once set-up by a certified installer, it is ready to go, giving consumers the ability to plug in and power up easily. It will also have smartphone connectivity to allow consumers to flick between energy sources at the touch of a button.

Providing a sustainable “second life” for Nissan’s EV batteries after their first life in cars is over, the new unit is powered by twelve Nissan LEAF battery modules and has the potential to revolutionise the way people manage energy usage in their own home, providing added flexibility and multiple cost savings.

Nissan said the storage units, which are available to pre-order from September 2016, are designed to be the most affordable in the market at £3,200 for the full installation of a 4.2KWh unit.

It said it expects to sell more than 100,000 xStorage units within the next five years as consumer appetite for this type of technology grows.


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