Only a little bit bigger, but it’s a lot more enjoyable

The new 30kWh version of the LEAF is now available, with the first vehicles being handed over to their lucky owners over the Christmas period.

I was on holiday for the past couple of weeks, so I sadly missed the arrival of the 30kWh LEAF, and have only just had a chance to drive one myself.

Physically, the car is unchanged from the 24kWh LEAF. The bigger battery weighs just 21kg more, so handling and performance are not noticeably different.

There is a new infotainment system, with a capacitive touchscreen, higher resolution, and DAB radio, but that’s the case with the MY2016 24kWh car too.

The difference that the extra 6kWh makes psychologically though, is massive. Previously, especially in Winter, if you drove 70 miles or more, you’d be down to the point where the car was really rather keen on you stopping to charge. In fact in the worst of the winter weather on 12th December, I managed a paltry 64 miles (fully laden with passengers and suitcases) through water-logged roads before I limped to a chargepoint and arrived with less than 1% left (turtle mode!).

Now though, the extra battery capacity means that you have an extra 20-30 miles range left, where previously you’d be sweating in case you couldn’t make it to the planned charger. The panic has gone. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you’d like to try the new 30kWh LEAF, we are offering 48hr test drives from all of the Chorley Nissan branches across Lancashire. Get in touch today, and we’ll book you in. A warning though, you are definitely going to like it!


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