2016 Nissan LEAF – bigger battery, better nav

The new 2016 Nissan LEAF is just days away from hitting our showrooms, so I thought it would be good to preview the changes which have been made to the new model.

Obviously the major change is the availability of a 30kWh battery, available as an upgrade from the standard 24kWh battery on either the Acenta or Tekna specification vehicles for an additional £1600. On a 3 year PCP, it adds about £20 per month over the 24kWh model.

30kWh Key Features:

  • 155 mile range (NEDC)
  • 110-120 mile real-world range (25% increase over 24kWh model)
  • 21kg heavier
  • Charging times (0-100%):
    • 3-Pin 10A EVSE cable – 15 hours
    • 16A (3.3kW) home charger – 9.5 hours
    • 32A (6.6kW) fast charger – 5.5 hours
    • 125A (50kW) Rapid Charger – 30mins (to 80%)

2016-Nissan-Leaf-dab-876x535The other major change which is happening for the 2016 model year is the new NissanConnectEV infotainment system, which takes over from the Carwings system which has been in the LEAF since its launch in 2010.

NissanConnectEV boasts a new touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom and swipe motion recognition, which will be more intuitive to anyone who has used a smartphone or tablet recently.

The home screen is customisable, to allow users to select their own shortcuts and widgets for ease of use.

NissanConnectEV also promises an easier activation process for new accounts, with no customer on-board action required to configure the system for first use. There will also be updated apps for use with a smartphone to enable you to check the current charge level, set climate control timers, or start the charge process from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you and your phone might be!).

Another improvement to the MY16 offering, is that all cars (regardless of 24/30kWh, 3.3kw/6.6kW charger) will come with both the 3-pin EVSE charger, and the Type2 to Type1 cable which allows connection to untethered public charge points, saving £350 over the previous cost of buying the Type2 cable separately.

The final change to the MY2016 LEAF is the addition of a new colour – Bronze. The new Bronze colour is right on trend for 2016, with many motor manufacturers noting a surge of interest in the more retro shades. Perhaps this is the sign of the end for the ubiquitous white which has been the default colour of choice for almost all cars in recent years?

In summary, the improvements made for the 2016 LEAF are welcome tweaks which serve to improve the usability and utility of the world’s best selling electric vehicle, and the extra range is always useful.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on our new demo vehicle when it arrives, and testing the new features (and range) to the max!


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