That warm fuzzy feeling

frozen-windscreen (1)It’s that time of year when the morning chorus gets replaced by the scratch of ice-scrapers, and the spray of de-icer.

The numb fingers, the fog of exhaust fumes, and the idiots who just set off anyway (like a tank-driver, with just a slot for forward vision) all come together to make a Monday morning even less appealing than usual.


Not me though. I’m more smug than Sir Smugalot from Smugtown. I don’t even have to think about leaving the house a minute earlier than normal. My LEAF will be defrosted, heated through, thoroughly warmed up, so that when I step out of the house, it will be at the perfect pre-set temperature (20ºC). The leather seats are heated (front and rear), and so is the steering wheel.



So as I drove out of my estate this morning, past the grim-faced commuters scratching at their car windows whilst their cars create a fume-filled cloud, looking like the stage door on “Stars in Your Eyes”; I was very grateful for the ultimate gadget: Climate Timer with Smartphone Remote Control App.

You have the choice of either setting a departure time in advance, or using your smartphone to start the climate control at the push of a button.

nissan_leaf_zero_emissions_climate_control_timerIf you set a timer, then the LEAF will check the outside temperature, and automatically start the climate control system (and heated seats/wheel) to ensure that it is fully heated through by the desired departure time. So if it’s -1ºC outside, and you want it to be 20ºC inside, it will start the climate control a good half-hour or so before you want to set off to make sure it’s ready. If your car is plugged into the mains, it will take the electric it needs from the mains rather than affecting the available range of the battery.


wpid-wp-1448270419601.jpegIf you use the App to start the heating process, it will start the climate control immediately, and run for up to 2 hours (if plugged in), or 15 mins (if not).

The LEAF remains locked and secure. You can stay in your warm house enjoying your morning coffee, whilst your neighbours curse the weather.


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