Are Electric Cars Boring?

One of the myths about electric vehicles is that somehow, because they don’t have any gears, and they don’t make any noise, that they must be boring to drive.

Nothing could be further from the truth – in fact, I’ve now got to the stage where I positively hate driving my wife’s diesel car for the very reason that it has gears and it’s noisy!

In an electric car, if you see a chance to pull out at a junction, you just do. Plant your foot on the accelerator, and you’re propelled forwards with the keenness of a greyhound, launched out of the traps. There’s no risk of being in the wrong gear, or turbo lag, it just goes!

The lack of noise isn’t boring, in fact it means you can enjoy the drive without the drone of an engine constantly aggravating your eardrums.

The video below from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) sums it up quite well.

Have you test-driven an electric car yet? What are you waiting for? We’re offering 24hr test drives to anyone who wants to try it, just get it touch and we’ll organise it for you.


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