New Nissan LEAF with bigger battery announced!

Nissan have just announced the launch of a new 30kWh battery for the LEAF, which will take the operating range up to 155 miles on a single charge. Nissan is so confident in the new battery pack’s stamina, it will be covered by a full eight-year 100,000-mile guarantee.

Alongside the battery revision, Nissan has taken the opportunity to introduce the latest-gen NissanConnect touchscreen infotainment system to the LEAF. It features an update to the smartphone app which can remotely pre-heat and cool the LEAF, and is also able to tell you how much range you have left. It also gives details of charging points near you and tells you whether they are in use.

The touchscreen itself also gets a new interface, while a DAB radio and capacitive zoom for the satnav also feature. New exterior colours can be had (like the bronze hue above), while the roof-mounted aerial gets a new design.

The new LEAF will commence delivery in December.


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