My new LEAF

My LEAF for Autumn

I have (semi-reluctantly) swapped my e-NV200 Combi for a new LEAF Acenta 6.6kW in Pearl Black.

The LEAF is fitted with the 6.6kW charger, so I can take advantage of 4 hour charging at home and at public car parks, it also has the CarWings Navigation System, which allows me to use my smartphone to turn the climate control on and off remotely (eg. to de-ice and pre-heat the car in Winter before I go outside, or to cool the car in Summer using the air conditioning) and also to view the current charge status and predicted range without leaving my sofa.

Of course, it also has full satellite navigation, bluetooth hands free, cruise control, ECO mode, B mode, and 6 speakers for an enjoyable journey.

I will do a full write up in a few days once I’ve had chance to drive the LEAF for a bit, and compare how it drives with the e-NV200 Combi.


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