With a little bit of luck we can charge it through the night (NEW HOME CHARGE POINT!)

A couple of days ago, I got a call from Gillian at The Phoenix Works to say that an installation slot for Thursday 20th August had come available, and would I be able to bring forward my installation from Friday 28th as previously planned. Obviously, getting the charge point fitted sooner was a definite bonus, so I agreed.

This morning, the installer (Andy), arrived for an early start at 8am. He set to straight away, confirming the installation location, and discussing the routing of cables with me, to ensure that I was happy with the plan.

I was surprised by the thickness of the cabling which he used to connect the charge point to the fuse board – it looks almost like hosepipe! At least I know that it’s up to the task, and won’t get hot even if I’m charging for long periods regularly. As I’ve gone for a 32Amp (7kW) chargepoint, I will be able to charge my car in around 4 hours from empty (so about 2 hours charge should get me topped back up after I’ve got back from work in Preston).

New charger

The naked charge point – before it got wired in and it’s silver cover fitted.


The charger itself is quite small and unobtrusive. There is also a device fitted inside the house, next to the fuseboard, which has the communication interface to send data via a sim card to OLEV (one of the conditions of the government grant which pays for up to 75% of the installation cost is that they are given statistics on how often the chargepoint is used, and what time of day it is providing electricity). This sort of information is very useful to them, as it will help to predict National Grid demand in the future as more of the nation’s vehicles become electric.

comms unit

The OLEV communication box, in my cupboard. Note the size of that wire!

I was impressed with the level of detail which Andy displayed as he completed the installation. There can’t be many electricians who use a spirit level to ensure the cable runs are perfectly horizontal!

OCD much?

Andy using a spirit level to make sure the cables look tidy!

The job was completed before lunchtime, and fully tested to ensure safety and correct operation. Andy went through the different RCBO’s and RCD’s that were fitted, to make sure I knew how to operate the system and how to reset in the event of any power spikes from the grid.

A tidy job

The finished install. Very neat and tidy

A very professional installation from start to finish, and I can’t thank The Phoenix Works enough for their professionalism and excellent communication throughout.

Charging at 32A

Finally, I can charge my car quickly, and safely, without having to hang cables through the windows.


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