How green is an electric car?

One of the criticisms of the motor industry is that despite their tailpipe emissions being lower than ever before (zero emissions in the case of the LEAF or e-NV200), cars still take a large amount of energy to build in the first place.

The Nissan LEAF has actually been designed from the outset to be a more eco-friendly vehicle, from production through to end of life.

  • Around 25% of the mass of the vehicle is made from recycled materials, such as steel, copper and aluminium.
  • The seats in the Acenta model are made from a new bio-fabric, which is 100% derived from sugar cane.
  • Under the bonnet, the car’s sound-deadening pads (not that the Leaf needs many with its quiet electric motor) are formed from old recycled clothing.
  • The resin used to form large plastic parts such as the dashboard and door cars is also derived from recycled plastic bottles.

recycled bottles

  • Finally, at the end of the vehicle’s life, the battery has been designed to be 99% recyclable.
  • Or the battery can be repurposed as energy storage for renewable electricity generation, such as solar arrays or wind turbines.

So in summary, electric cars such as the Nissan LEAF are not only good to drive, they are also good for the environment, and certainly much greener than old-style petrol or diesel models.


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