Range anxiety?!

In the e-NV200, if you are running low on battery charge, you get notified at about 17% remaining. A little yellow “fuel” light comes up on the dashboard, and a warning message (notifying you of the requirement to find somewhere to charge) is displayed, to give you a nudge as well.

If you ignore this, then at 15%, the top speed is restricted to 60mph. This is handy, as at 60mph you are using around 19% less energy than at 70mph (due to reduced wind resistance/drag), so your battery will last longer.

When you get below 7% battery charge, your “miles remaining” (centre, bottom, of the circular “speedo”) will change to 3 dashes ” – – – “.

Below 5% battery charge, your battery state of charge readout will also change to 3 dashes (as shown on the display to the right of the dashboard).

At this point, if you’re not near a chargepoint, you may have a problem.

The latter situation (less than 5% remaining) happened to me yesterday, about 2 miles from the rapid charger at work (Preston). I drove steadily, and made it back without any problems. After all, 5% of the battery is equal to approx 4 miles if driven carefully.

Having said that, I still got a bit of a sweat on. Not because I thought it would run out (I was fairly confident that my calculations were fine), but because I knew that if I did run out of electricity, I wouldn’t hear the end of it at work.


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