How to visit Ikea on a Saturday like a boss

Ikea… That Nordic purveyor of all things flat-pack… On a Saturday in the school holidays.

For some people, that would seem like one of the nine circles of hell. What appears to be the population of a city, shuffling around a brightly-lit labyrinth of furniture, on one of your few days off in the week.

However, as I have just bought a new house, and consequently none of my existing furniture will either fit or “go with the new colour scheme”, I had a need for some affordable furniture for my sons’ bedrooms.

Since we are currently spending every evening, weekend (and, in the case of my long-suffering better-half, days too) at the new property doing decorating, DIY and project management, the only time we seemed to have free was Saturday afternoon.

This is probably the peak time for visitors to Ikea. It’s like a rugby scrum at the tills, and the car park looks like a scene from Apocalypse Now.

So I cunningly decided to research all the products on the internet first, to make the shopping trip as brief as possible, so we basically just had to walk in, put it in the trolley, and pay. No aimless gawping at stuff we don’t need – instead, we had a list, and a plan.

I also decided that we would have tea (for those of you not from Yorkshire, this is the evening meal which some people may refer to as “dinner”) before we left, meaning that we arrived at 7pm at Ikea – one hour before closing time.

This had given sufficient time for most of the marauding masses to depart the store. It also allowed me to park in one of the “EV Charging Bays” at the front of the car park. There are a couple of Ecotricity charge points which are (currently) free to use. So I plugged in (next to a gunmetal LEAF and a white Renault Zoe), and headed into the store.

45 minutes later, I came out, loaded with a wardrobe, two bookcases, a computer desk, a 2m tall dvd shelving unit, some storage boxes, and a bathmat. It all fitted into the back of the e-NV200 Combi (ok, so I had to fold down one of the three rear seats), and I headed back home with my wife and two children all sat comfortably as well.

Despite the additional weight, the range hardly seemed to be affected (3.8 miles per kW = 90-ish miles). Success all round.

Sunday was mostly spent building the aforesaid furniture. Hope to be moved in properly soon!


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