I’ve not seen one of these before…

When I’m out and about with my electric combi van, one of the things which happens most often is that people come up to talk to you whilst it’s charging.

I had a couple of people whilst I was stopped (briefly) yesterday at Woodall services, and also at Ikea.

Passerby: “I’ve not seen one of these before, has it got an engine too?”

Me: “It’s actually just electric, no petrol or diesel”

P: “Wow, right… It’s quite big actually isn’t it?”

M: “It’s a good size for my family, yes”

P: “How many miles can it do”

M: “Well, I do about 500 miles a week at the moment, and it’s fine for that”

P: “Crikey, I thought they couldn’t go very far”

M: “Well, I just plug it in when I need to. I mostly charge at home, but since these rapid chargers are free, it would be silly to avoid them”

P: “Free?”

M: “Yep. Even if they weren’t free, electricity is so cheap, it’s like buying petrol for 20-odd pence a litre”

P: “I can’t remember how long it’s been since petrol ever cost 20p a litre”

M: “Exactly. I’m saving £200 a month”.

P: “Have you got any info I could have a read through?…”

This is a pretty typical conversation.

I guess a lot of people would find that an electric car would work for them, they’re just worried because it’s new and they’ve never driven one before. I’d strongly encourage everyone to take a test drive in a LEAF or an e-NV200. They drive so well, that it’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Not only that, but when you work out how much money you can save on running costs, you’ll be smiling even more.


2 thoughts on “I’ve not seen one of these before…

  1. paulmattyblog says:

    We have that problem in Accrington. A rapid charger was installed in mid April. We are nearly mid July and in 12 weeks, we are lucky if it has been operational for 3 full weeks in total. We either have to use the Dealer in Burnley with a rapid charger during opening hours or the Ecotricity rapid chargers at Blackburn. Either way I have to travel to rapid charge because the one in Accrington is out of action.

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