e-NV200 Combi – The Black Beast


I’ve got a new vehicle this week. The e-NV200 Acenta Rapid Plus has a couple of extra features compared to the white van I had last week. This one has the option of Sat Nav, which is very useful for me at the moment as I’m still trying to find my way to all of the different Chorley Nissan sites. It’s also got some rather fetching alloys, and a glazed tailgate rather than the twin barn doors on the van. The Rapid Plus bit of the name indicates that as well as being able to charge it at 3KW from my home charger, and 50KW at the Rapid charge at the dealership, it can also charge at 6.6KW from public 32A charge points. This means that I’ve got a multitude of charging options open to me, from overnight charging at home (8hrs), quicker charging in public car parks (4hrs), or rapid charging at work (30 mins).

My kids love it – from the first time they got in it, my 4 year old didn’t stop smiling, and even my moody 8 year old said he thought it was “alright” (high praise indeed, trust me!). There’s loads of room for all passengers, and the boot is cavernous.

The warmer weather this past couple of days has meant that I don’t need the heater on whilst driving (in fact, the air-con was used – and not just for demisting like last week!). This, in turn, has meant that the efficiency of my driving has improved a bit. Previously I was getting 3.5 miles per KWh of the battery (works out as about 75 miles usable range), dropping down to 3 miles per KWh when I had the lights, heater, air con, wipers etc on and driving through a really strong headwind (translates to 65 miles range). Anyway, now I’m getting 4 miles per KWh, which would give around 90 miles usable range from a full charge. This now means that I’d be able to travel from home to Preston and back on a full charge without plugging in at the dealership (as I’m using about 40-45% charge each way).

Speed has a big influence on the efficiency – I drove from Chorley to Preston yesterday, and was averaging 4.6 miles per KWh, which would have resulted in pretty much the NEDC official range of 106 miles… but that’s because I didn’t exceed 50mph on the whole journey, and in fact my average was closer to 30mph.

Anyway, enough numbers for now. I’ve just had a brilliant idea – where did I put my red paint?…


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