The first week

I am very excited to announce that I have just joined Chorley Group in the role of Innovation Specialist.

My role will involve promoting the electric Nissan vehicles (LEAF, e-NV200 van, e-NV200 Combi, e-NV200 Evalia) to the public, offering extended test drives, and providing extra technical and practical information to interested customers.

I’m based at the Preston branch, which is about an hour’s drive from home, so I’m getting plenty of driving experience in the e-NV200 van at the moment (74 miles a day). I have to say I’m very impressed with it. I’ve driven the LEAF quite a bit before, but the extra size and weight of the van doesn’t seem to have affected the driveability of the electric drivetrain. It still pulls like a train over the Pennine hills on my way home, and slips silently through the busier city traffic in Preston.

Range with the air-con and heater etc on (typical British weather in May not letting up yet) is around 65-70 miles at the moment, which is absolutely fine for my daily drive to and from the branch (I do charge at the branch so that I’m not risking my 37 mile return journey with just 33 miles range showing on the dash…).

I met a guy with a LEAF at our charger today. He’s only had it a week, but he’s done over 500 miles already. Given that a lot of the time he’s charging at free-to-use Ecotricity or Nissan rapid chargers, he’s saved a fortune compared to his previous diesel Mercedes A-Class. He’s coming back in tomorrow morning for a test drive in the e-NV200 as he thinks it will be ideal for his business.

On the basis of my current 400 miles a week, I’ll be saving about £40 a week compared to running a diesel. That’s £160 a month. So by the end of the year, I’ll have saved enough to pay for a nice holiday somewhere hot. Barbados it is then! 🙂


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