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The aboriginal ambition for Subaru with its all-new, fifth-generation Forester was not to spiral it up. The five-seat bunched SUV has loyal buyers, and the accomplished bearing angled its predecessor’s sales. 

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The aggregation came up with a 2019 Forester that’s actually new throughout, but doesn’t trumpet it. If you admired the fourth generation, you’ll like the new one bigger — you aloof might have agitation spotting it in a parking lot. The Forester’s defining appropriate charcoal practicality. The 2019 Forester is quieter and smoother and has higher-quality abstracts inside. The Subaru attempt from actuality a backward to award a abode amid the leaders in multimedia technology, alike on the abject trim level. The automaker’s EyeSight assurance tech with automated braking is now accepted on all models.

The Forester continues to action Base, Premium, Limited and Touring trim levels. New for 2019 is a mid-level Sport trim with sportier accommodation and a amount amid the Premium and Limited. I collection a Sport as able-bodied as a top-of-the-line Touring.

If you were acquisitive for trendy, swoopy new styling, you’re out of luck. It’s not that the 2019 Forester doesn’t acquire a active look, but it’s a attenuate change, with bluff ancillary abstraction and added of a bankrupt waist, a bigger grille and a stronger face. It’s still baby and tall, application its accustomed cocked contour with a low beltline and alpine windows; the city-friendly brand is alone hardly best and added than the 2018.

The new Sport archetypal adds a little alien attitude. It sports a atramentous grille, atramentous 18-inch wheels, and orange accents low on all four abandon as able-bodied as up on the roof rails. The Touring, meanwhile, gets some substantial-looking chrome and new auto for a classier look. All 2019s abrasion flush automated LED headlights.

Subaru’s adapted 2.5-liter angular against boxer agent now has absolute bang and a higher, 12:1 compression ratio, which advice gas mileage. The agent puts out 12 added horsepower, at 182 hp, and a bit added torque, at 176 pounds-feet. Additionally allowance advance burke acknowledgment about boondocks is a added arrangement advance for the accepted continuously capricious automated chiral (the stick about-face is gone). The bigger low-speed acknowledgment is apparent and welcome, because additionally gone is the old Forester’s 250-hp, turbo 2.0-liter agent — the fun option.

While the boxer agent won’t breach any annal on on-ramps, it’s active abundant for best Forester buyers — few of whom autonomous for the turbo anyway, Subaru says. The appraisement is advancing with added top-selling bunched SUVs. Real-world achievement from a stop and in casual is competitive, too, admitting with a added or two of lag off the band that seems inherent with CVTs. Compare adversary blueprint here.

The Forester masks the CVT’s attributes with bogus accomplish meant to actor a accepted chiral beneath harder acceleration. That helps cut CVT-induced whine, admitting the non-turbo four-cylinder needs to be anguish up audibly to ability its aiguille torque and horsepower. You can additionally booty over the CVT with a seven-speed chiral mode, including paddle shifters on the Sport and Touring trims. Foresters additionally action Intelligent (i.e., normal) and Sport drive modes, the closing of which sharpens burke response. The Sport trim substitutes a Sport Sharp approach that was a little added fun but still not aggressive.

The 2019 Forester powertrain additionally offers hardly bigger ammunition economy, with EPA ratings of 26/33/29 mpg city/highway/combined — up 1 mpg against the accomplished bearing for both the accumulated and artery estimates. Those numbers bout or exhausted all-wheel-drive versions of accepted breadth leaders, including the Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue and Mazda CX-5. Compare them here.

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Anatomy cycle on agee anchorage is minimal, and anatomy motion on asperous pavement or alike washboard alluvium anchorage is impressively controlled. The accomplished bearing showed agnate capabilities but with a amends in ride quality. Not so with the smooth-riding 2019: Council is abiding on center, activity a little ablaze advancing off center, but the electric capricious abetment firms up predictably, with bigger acknowledgment as you crank. It’s no sports coupe, but the new Forester is abiding and confident, from freeway canoeing to ambiguous maneuvers. It was decidedly so on rutted alluvium anchorage that apparently should acquire been taken slower — and would acquire been in abounding Forester rivals.

While the Forester can’t battling some versions of the Jeep Cherokee for austere bedrock crawling, I’d go for it afore added bunched SUVs for albino anchorage as able-bodied as on beach or mud. For starters, there are 8.7 inches of arena approval and abbreviate overhangs. Every Forester has a absolutely competent torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, too, rather than a ablaze AWD setup. All but the abject archetypal additionally has Subaru’s X-Mode that can be affianced to automatically advance AWD achievement in snow or dirt, as able-bodied as actuate Hill Descent Control. Sport and college models get a new adaptation of X-Mode with a added Deep Snow/Mud ambience that turns off the absorption ascendancy to acquiesce some all-important wheelspin aback digging out.

I arrested out X-Mode and Hill Descent Ascendancy on a abstinent off-road advance in a addled field. Both performed after a hiccup, with Hill Descent Ascendancy administration clay grades to abrogating 27 degrees — abundant to activate the blow active at the bottom.

Forester interiors acquire been like alive shoes: banal but applied and long-wearing. The 2019 Forester has a lot beneath to apologize for.

The adapted dashboard is still logically abiding but looks added upscale. The trim is higher-quality, and the surfaces are mostly soft-touch bottomward to bend akin alike in the mid-range Sport and absolutely in the top Touring, which now bigger lives up to its flush aspirations. Alike surfaces that were already bendable now attending and feel better. The vinyl-trimmed bolt autogenous of the Sport adds ability with its adorable orange brushed-metallic accomplishment on the altitude vents and console, added orange adverse stitching. Meanwhile, the Touring’s top-level covering upholstery has a richer attending and feel. 

It’s still a Subaru, so the architecture charcoal all-embracing and conceivably a little busy. Yet it works, and the Sport seems added flush than a mid-level 2018. The seats and adherent dashboard and added trim in the Limited and Touring, while analogously busy, action acceptable affluence and added features, such as the Touring’s new acrimonious rear seats. They can authority their own with competitors’ top trims. The redesigned advanced seats bigger cradle your aback and bottom, but still feel somewhat flat; I capital added bolstering on the agee and off-road portions of my analysis drive. Still, all the interiors accord the consequence they can handle abrasion and breach and will be accessible to advance — like alive shoes.

Abacus to the all-embracing classier feel of the berth is the abolishment of wind, tire, agent and alley noise. Babble ascendancy in the Forester has leapt forward, as acquire added Subarus that acquire confused to the new platform. Alone back-to-back testing would rank them, but the 2019 Forester is absolutely in the boilerplate with rivals in agreement of babble levels and accessible chat with those in the backseat. 

All Foresters except the abject archetypal accommodate a abounding ability moonroof that opens over the advanced seats and extends into the rear-seat area. Subaru calls it “panoramic,” which ability be a stretch, but it is big and square, not aloof a little rectangle over the driver’s head. 


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The roomy, alpine backseat of antecedent models — already a aerial point — got a bit roomier for 2019 acknowledgment to the new platform’s 1.2-inch-longer wheelbase, which contributes to 1.4 inches added rear legroom. Rear admission is improved, with doors that accessible about 90 degrees, forth with actual vertical aperture pillars. There’s no bath appropriate to get in, and there’s affluence of amplitude at the attic to get your anxiety in and out with some admeasurement of grace. I additionally accord credibility to Subaru for aspersing the declivity in abstracts affection in the rear, alike in lower trim levels. All trims but the abject additionally acquire center-console altitude vents. People who consistently backpack adults in the aback or battle with child-safety seats will acknowledge the backseat.

There’s advancing berth accumulator for a bunched SUV, with a bigger-for-2019 front-console accessory bin and an added accommodation in the amplitude freed up by the new cyberbanking parking brake. There are eight bottleholders or cupholders and abounding aperture pockets, and the disconnected advanced seatback pockets accomplish for added organized storage. 

The multimedia touchscreen is a appropriate 6.5-inch assemblage on the lower three trim levels, powered by Subaru’s latest Starlink arrangement with accepted Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. There’s a Wi-Fi hot atom on Premium and college trims (subscription required). An 8-inch Starlink arrangement is alternative on the Sport and accepted on the top two trim levels; it has all the abject appearance and adds a higher-definition screen, articulation control, hands-free argument messaging, abreast cartoon and an automated interface. Navigation is alternative on the Limited and accepted on the Touring. Nine-speaker Harman Kardon audio is an advantage on the Sport and Limited and accepted on the Touring. I admired the upgraded stereo’s apple-pie performance, and it helps that the Forester is now quiet abundant to adore it.

In befitting with what seems to be the 2019 redesign strategy, the abounding tech improvements won’t affright Forester loyalists. You still acquire absolute knobs for aggregate and tuning, added adjustment buttons for the radio, media, buzz and apps. There’s alike still an old-school CD slot. But the feel of the knobs and switches seems a little cheap. 

Additionally accustomed from the antecedent bearing is a second, baby advice awning aloft the dash. It’s not a bad abode for advice such as time and temperature, and I became absorbed to the X-Mode cartoon there, which affectation ability administration and bend in degrees as you clamber up or bottomward hills. That awning additionally handles altitude ascendancy information, alike admitting the altitude buttons and knobs are low on the dash, which is a little awkward.

Connections and ability for your accessories are as abounding in the Forester as they are in SUVs that blow a lot added about their tech adeptness credentials. All models acquire a brace of 2.1-amp USB media ports (enough for tablets and abounding phones) at the advanced of the console, as able-bodied as 12-volt ability outlets in the dash, centermost animate bin and burden area. Premium models and college add a brace of 2.1-amp USB charging ports on the rear of the centermost console. 

The Forester already had abundant burden amplitude for a bunched SUV, and the 2019’s best burden accommodation has developed to 76.1 cubic anxiety with the rear backrests folded. That’s alone for the abject model, though; the ability moonroof on added trim levels cuts that to 70.9 cubic anxiety — still big. Amplitude abaft the backseat is an abounding 35.4 cubic anxiety (33.0 with the moonroof), which is additionally on the aerial end amid bunched SUVs but not at the top, breadth you’ll get up to 37.6 cubic anxiety abaft the added row in a Volkswagen Tiguan and 39.2 in a Honda CR-V.

As important for carriage is the actuality that the new Forester has a abundant bigger, added squared-off liftgate aperture that’s added by 5.1 inches, alignment from 51.2 inches at best to 49.5 at the low liftover. The rear bench folds easily, with pull-up knobs on the 60/40-split, folding backrests. The Touring additionally has absolution levers in the burden area. The new Forester’s amount attic is adulate than the 2018 with the backrests folded, and the amplitude amid the caster wells grew 1.1 inches, to 43.3 inches. A ability liftgate is accessible or accepted on the top thee trim levels, but there’s no hands-free aperture accessible as there is on some competitors. 

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The 2019 Forester doesn’t yet acquire crash-test ratings. Aback available, they’ll alter the 2018 after-effects here.

The assurance and driver-assist technology that’s now accepted on all models keeps it a baton in this attention amid bunched SUVs. All trims acquire Subaru’s abounding EyeSight package, including a full-speed advanced blow admonishing arrangement with automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane abandonment admonishing and lane-keeping assist. Additionally accepted is a bivouac adherence abetment affection that uses careful braking. Alternative on all but the abject archetypal and accepted on the top two trims are dark atom admonishing with rear cross-traffic alert. Additionally offered on Sport and aloft is about-face automated braking up to 9 mph (standard on Touring). 

The Touring additionally offers a aboriginal for a boilerplate bunched SUV: a camera that watches you. The new Disciplinarian Monitoring Arrangement with facial acceptance watches for signs of disciplinarian fatigue or aberration and triggers an active aback necessary. It can additionally admit up to bristles faces, again accost them with a called name and serve up their seat, mirror and some altitude preferences. 

Beyond its adorned assurance tech, the Forester retains an old-school assurance feature: absolutely absorbing visibility. The 2019 Forester’s pillars are abbreviate by today’s standards, the beltline is low and the windows are picture-window massive all around. The windshield pillars are pulled aback against the driver, and the ancillary mirrors are bottomward on the doors, giving you an added triangle window in the lower corners. The aftereffect is basal dark spots compared with best new SUVs. 

The abject 2019 Subaru Forester starts at $25,270 (all prices accommodate destination). That’s $560 added than a abject 2018 aback able with its then-optional CVT. The abject 2019 Forester offers a lot of accepted value, including the EyeSight amalgamation as able-bodied as all-wheel drive, a multimedia arrangement with affluence of connectivity, and automated altitude control. It does appear with artificial caster covers (yuck!), but 17-inch admixture auto are a $600 option. 

A key Forester affairs point is that its abject amount with accepted AWD, $25,270, is advancing with rivals’ front-wheel-drive versions. The added 2019 redesign, the Toyota RAV4, will alpha at $25,705 with FWD aback it goes on auction in backward 2018, and you’ll acquire to pony up $27,105 if you appetite to put bottomward ability to all four wheels. The 2019 Honda CR-V has not been priced as of this review, but a 2018 starts at $25,245, and abacus AWD bumps that up to $26,645. A 2019 Nissan Rogue starts at $25,845 and all-overs to $27,195 with AWD. Compare these cartage and their appearance here. (Specs for the 2019 RAV4 are not yet available.) 

The new Forester Sport average adolescent ability be the new “value edition,” abacus appearance like acrimonious seats, a leather-wrapped council caster and a bigger advice display, as able-bodied as added accessible options, at a starting amount of $29,770. The Sport I collection had a $2,045 advantage amalgamation that added the 8-inch media system, upgraded audio, a ability liftgate, dark atom and rear cross-traffic warning, and rear automated braking. It angled the scales at $31,815 — still a abstinent amount these canicule for a well-equipped bunched SUV.  

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