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SAO PAULO, Brazil – Nissan is attainable to attempt in the fast-growing Brazilian and Latin-American bunched crossover segments.

Its weapon to attempt in this articulation is the all-new Nissan Kicks, a arresting agent that is well-equipped with avant-garde technology. And the success of its new adversary will be congenital on Nissan’s position as a avant-garde in the all-around crossover market, with added acknowledged crossovers such as Qashqai, Murano, X-Trail and Juke.

Expected to be in all Nissan dealerships in Brazil from August 5, the Nissan Kicks will bear an agile, but fuel-efficient active experience. Brazil is the aboriginal country to barrage the new model, which will again be alien by the end of the year in several countries in Latin America and, ultimately, added than 80 countries.

With adventurous lines, which accommodate Nissan’s signature architectonics cues begin on all all-around models, such as the “V-Motion” grille, the “floating roof” and “boomerang actualization lights,” the administration of Kicks additionally allowances from avant-garde aerodynamic engineering to optimize ammunition ability and abbreviate wind noise.

It is a accurate crossover in the best Nissan tradition, accumulation the bold, adventuresome and activating architectonics and college basement position advantaged by barter in the burghal – but with a bunched cast and active performance. 

Among the highlights of the new Nissan Kicks accessories account are the About Actualization Adviser and Affective Article Detection systems, which use four chip cameras to actualization an all-embracing actualization of the car and acquaint the disciplinarian in case of any concealed dangers.

And the apartment of technology attainable on Nissan Kicks extends to activating innovations to aerate assurance and comfort. Amid them are Anatomy Activating Control, Active Trace Control, Active Ride Control, and Active Agent Braking. These innovations assignment carefully to accommodate key interventions to ensure the Kicks charcoal abiding and adequate for occupants at all times; Kicks is the aboriginal agent in its articulation to action these key innovations.

The Nissan Kicks is additionally one of the aboriginal models of the Japanese cast to administer the abstraction of “Nissan Intelligent Mobility,” aboriginal presented at the Geneva Motor Actualization this year. Nissan Intelligent Advancement is the company’s aesthetics of ensuring that all its cartage are advised and engineered to action the best modern, avant-garde and able advancement band-aid to its customers. In the case of the Kicks, this translates into stress-reducing technology and class-leading ammunition ability acknowledgment to its avant-garde 1.6-liter agent and failing platform. In Brazilian specification, ability is rated at 84kW (114PS), with torque of 152Nm. For Latin America markets, ability is rated at 88kW (119PS) and torque of 149Nm.

The Nissan Kicks will be produced in the automated circuitous of Nissan in Resende (RJ) from the aboriginal division of 2017. Nissan has invested R $ 750 actor (US$ 262.5 million) the factory, which completed two years of operation in April, to acclimate it for Kicks production.

DesignStyled collaboratively by architectonics teams based at Nissan’s architectonics address in Atsugi, Japan, Nissan Architectonics America (NDA) in San Diego, California, and Nissan Architectonics America – Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Nissan Kicks is aimed at urban-dwelling families. It combines a cardinal of accustomed architectonics cues to articulation it with Nissan’s acknowledged crossovers like Qashqai and Juke, but adds different twists that accord it a actualization all of its own.

The avant-garde is bedeviled by Nissan’s signature V-motion grille, which is belted by appropriate askance headlights that extend abysmal into the avant-garde fenders. Addition accustomed administration cue is the “floating” coupé-style roof sitting on top of the glasshouse, which in contour resembles a wrap-around affectation – a abysmal windscreen and ancillary windows that abate appear the rear of the car, like a blast helmet visor. The rear is busy with alleged backlash lights, which chase the actualization of the rear window as they amplitude centermost beyond the appendage of the car.

These capacity are aggrandized by a cardinal of new activating administration actualization that accommodate adventurous matte atramentous caster accomplished finishers aggregate into axle finishers amid the auto and again into the rear bumper, and which are additionally accustomed the matte atramentous treatment.

Exaggerated fenders accord the contour a able-bodied appearance, while a aciculate ascent actualization band on the anatomy ancillary gives Kicks a aerial waistline that contributes to faculty of aegis and wellbeing for passengers.

The “hidden” C-pillar is addition affection that can be begin on addition Nissan crossover models, but which has been emphasised on Nissan Kicks.

Formed by the “kick” in the rear aperture quarter-light and emphasised by the use of a allegory colour for the amphibian roof, the centermost of the C-pillar is accustomed a aphotic matte accomplishment that blends into the tailgate glass. The circuitous tailgate acute additionally adds actualization to the design.

Underlining the car’s crossover attitude and inherent backbone is its acceptable arena approval (200mm), which helps accommodate a advantageous active position and a aerial eye point for accomplished all annular visibility.

At the aforementioned time, the arena approval in combination, with 16-inch or another 17-inch wheels, additional abbreviate avant-garde and rear overhangs ensures the car can cope with dispatch humps, poor alley surfaces and added obstacles about begin in the burghal environment.

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Nissan Kicks Dimensions (mm)









InteriorThe abounding berth is notable for its affected artlessness and abnormally its apple-pie and aerial dashboard, the latest abundance of Nissan’s Gliding Wing design. The disciplinarian faces an easy-to-read agenda affectation for the capital functions, with a absolutely chip audio arrangement centrally army in the soft-touch dashboard, with bond breadth the lower and adverse surfaces meet.

The use of aerial affection abstracts is widespread, with credibility of interaction, such as the autogenous aperture handles, arm rests and accessory selector covered in soft-touch able matt chrome finish. Similarly, the vents and altitude controls are accomplished in the aforementioned finish, and the axial awning is affected in a chrome surround. The all-embracing consequence is an autogenous of aerial quality.

Depending on the version, the agenda affectation houses either accompanying annular dials for the tachometer and speedometer which sandwich a anchored affectation giving advice on ambit travelled, ammunition economy, cruise ascendancy settings or, in top cast versions, a distinct punch for the speedometer belted by a abounding blush seven-inch TFT advice display.

This can additionally actualization a tachometer, but appliance council caster army controls, the disciplinarian can annal through a avant-garde array of displays including the drive computer, audio settings and abundant ammunition abridgement readings. It additionally gives admission to settings for anatomy ascendancy and disciplinarian aids. Aback accessory aeronautics is fitted, the affectation can additionally actualization activating turn-by-turn instructions or a compass.

These top cast models adapt the centrally army advance button audio with a abounding blush awning apartment a absolute infotainment arrangement with audio, accessory aeronautics and abounding smartphone affiliation as able-bodied as giving on the move admission to added actualization including Facebook, Google Online Search, Twitter and Trip Advisor. The awning is additionally acclimated by the abandoning camera and/or About Actualization Adviser breadth fitted.

Below this affectation are controls for the heating and blast system, which actualization either chiral air conditioning or altitude ascendancy depending on the model.

A abundant accord of absorption to detail has gone into the council caster which has a new ergonomically advised anchor breadth acceptance the driver’s butt to be artlessly tight. It has a antic collapsed basal with a matt chrome finisher for a affection appearance. The axial spokes abode controls for the audio and buzz systems and disciplinarian advice displays.

The berth is alluringly accomplished with allegory inserts on the doors and dashboard that bout the bench fabric. The seats themselves affection new bearing aught force frames accouterment bigger abutment the bust and abdomen areas for added comfort, bargain fatigue and greater safety.

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Thanks in allotment to the acceptable 2,610mm wheelbase, rear knee and allowance is amid the best in class, while the berth has abounding accumulator space, with a lidded glovebox, abysmal aperture pockets, and drinks holders and accommodation holes in the centermost console. Baggage amplitude is additionally generous, and at 383 liters is about as ample as cars in the chic above.

Clever actualization accommodate a folding bindle shelf with a hinged breadth with an aperture (160m) ample abundant to acquiesce items to be “posted” into the amount breadth from the aback bench or authoritative it attainable to admission the capacity of a air-conditioned box or barbecue bassinet from the berth rather than from the rear of the car.

Another able detail is that the bindle shelf can be neatly stowed even with the rear bench aback if greater acme is bare in the trunk, rather than accepting to be stowed on the cossack attic or larboard abaft at the alpha of a journey. The amount breadth is additionally awful activated with arcade hooks on both sides, able of captivation up to 3.3 kgs each.

“The exoteric architectonics positions Kicks as a compact, able-bodied car for ambitious burghal conditions,” said Shiro Nakamura, accumulated carnality president, Architectonics and Nissan’s Chief Creative Officer. “With the appropriate V-motion grille, amphibian roof and backlash actualization ablaze signatures, Kicks joins our all-around band up of crossovers that amalgamate robust, affecting and activating design, with outstanding autogenous quality, amplitude and functionality to action barter a auspicious another to the norm.”

TechnologyNissan Kicks leads its bazaar articulation aback it comes to avant-garde technology advised to abate stress, enhance abundance and addition safety. The accouterment of Nissan Intelligent Advancement solutions, such as About Actualization Adviser (AVM) and Affective Article Detection (MOD), on Nissan Kicks reflects the brand’s charge to accouterment useful, accordant technology.

Using four cameras, placed at the avant-garde and rear of the car and in both aperture mirrors, AVM creates a bird’s eye 360-degree actualization of the car which can be displayed on the axial adviser and acclimated as a parking aid.

When the arrangement detects a affective article – a pedestrian, for archetype – a admonishing is articulate to active the disciplinarian to the hazard and anticipate a abeyant accident.

The accessibility and artlessness of the apartment of systems that are attainable by the axial touch-screen accommodate navigation, audio, and Bluetooth buzz connections. And alluringly amid in avant-garde of the driver, a awning in the capital array of dials relays advice from the on-board drive computer, audio arrangement and aeronautics systems, as able-bodied as announcement warnings. Agent settings can be calmly adapted appliance the four-way selector on the council wheel.

Nissan’s Active Trace Ascendancy is an addition on the Kicks that intervenes during active through corners to ensure the advised aisle by carefully applying brakes to auto individually. This has the aftereffect of preventing abrupt accident of anchor or stability.

Similarly, Kicks is able with Active Ride Control, which applies the brakes for a burning afterwards the car has been over ample cadence in the road, to abate the “bounce” aftereffect on the suspension. This simple, able band-aid is lighter and beneath circuitous than big-ticket and abundant adaptive damping systems.

To adverse the “coasting” aftereffect generally associated with automated and CVT gearboxes, Nissan Kicks is able with Active Agent Brake. Aback the accelerator is released, about abutting a corner, agent braking is activated to stabilise the speed.

“As a Japanese brand, technology is allotment of our DNA,” said Daniele Schillaci, controlling carnality president, All-around Sales & Marketing, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “Our history is affluent with abstruse innovation. For over 20 years, we’ve developed and alien disciplinarian abetment technology. In fact, we accept 10 world-first technologies in this area, authoritative us an industry leader. The new Nissan Kicks reflects our charge to developing and introducing disciplinarian abetment technology.”

Engine and drivetrainThe Brazilian adaptation of Nissan Kicks is powered by a revised adaptation of the trusted Nissan 1.6-liter HR16DE petrol engine, which now develops 84kW (114PS) and a best torque amount of 152Nm, improvements of 2kW and 4Nm respectively. For Latin American markets, outputs are 88kW (119PS) and 149Nm.

For the Brazilian market, the agent uses a petrol/ethanol flex-fuel system, which actualization a Flex Alpha Arrangement (FSS) with an built-in ammunition heating arrangement to ensure accelerated balmy up from a algid start. As able-bodied as abbreviation ammunition burning and blurred emissions, FFS agency owners no best accept to add gasoline to the sub catchbasin for algid starts.

A redesigned assimilation assorted has bargain the all-embracing acme of the agent allowing a lower awning band for bigger aerodynamics.

The agent delivers achievement on a par with that of rivals powered by 2.0-liter engines yet has chic arch ammunition consumption.

Drive is taken to the avant-garde auto either via the latest Xtronic CVT gearbox, which actualization adaptive about-face ascendancy for bigger performance, smoother dispatch and bigger ammunition economy. Latin American bazaar Kicks will additionally be offered with a 5-speed chiral transmission.

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ChassisNissan Kicks is underpinned by Nissan’s V Platform, an avant-garde but failing architectonics that has been uprated accurately for its appliance in Kicks.

The belvedere has a anew advised rear axle abeyance that delivers aerial levels of ride abundance and administration after compromising on baggage space.

Wheels and tires are amid the bigger in the chic with 16-inch and 17-inch auto attainable depending on the version. Low abrasion hub bearings accept been adopted to abate rolling attrition for bigger achievement and lower emissions.

Class arch ride and administration levels are aided by a awful adamant bodyshell and deeply amid abeyance systems. The absolute avant-garde abeyance has a new continued subframe for added backbone – 300 percent stiffer than after the addendum – while an added analysis affiliate has been added to the council assembly.

Steering accomplishment at burghal speeds is light, but provides quick responses at dispatch for fun and active handling. Straight band adherence is amid the best in chic while anatomy cycle is kept able-bodied in analysis admitting the car’s aerial arena clearance.

Chassis ascendancy additionally allowances from a apartment of avant-garde cyberbanking anatomy systems including Active Trace Control, Active Ride Ascendancy and Active Agent Brake.

Nissan Kicks allowances from almighty ample dampers for greater anatomy ascendancy while Active Anatomy Ascendancy uses sensors to ascertain agent bend and changes in caster dispatch as the car goes over bumps to bear breach additional anchor applications and altering agent torque to bland the ride.

Active Trace Control, meanwhile, extends the adequacy of the Agent Dynamics Ascendancy (VDC) by appliance the brakes to abate understeer on the access and avenue to and from a corner, allowance to accumulate the car to the called path.

Active Agent Brake, meanwhile, monitors the driver’s council and braking achievement and automatically introduces an aspect of agent braking to advice apathetic the car smoothly, authoritative active easier and added comfortable.

RefinementAlthough Nissan Kicks is a crossover with a antic attitude, its clarification levels are amid the best in class. This has been accomplished by adopting acceptable techniques to abate levels of noise, beating and acerbity in the cabin, as able-bodied as accomplished affability its aerodynamic performance.

Traditional methods accommodate the able-bodied amid abeyance assemblies which abstract alley noise, while bigger birr insulation material, thicker carpets and bigger sealing about the doors reduces autogenous noise.

Further babble abridgement – and improvements in abridgement – are bottomward to the car’s able aerodynamic performance. An aberrant Cd of 0.345 has been accomplished by accurate administration of the airflow through, annular and over the body.

On its own, the slanted aback window would be acceptable to actualize a able abaft vortex, which would abnormally affect the Cd figure. To affected this after compromising the car’s styling, Nissan engineers accept developed a attenuate continued roof spoiler, rear ancillary spoilers with bend edges and a bang up bonanza to adapt the bend of the aback of the car and appropriately anticipate turbulence abaft the car.

Other aerodynamic additions, all of which amalgamate to affluence air breeze over the car, accommodate mouldings aural the caster arches, smoothed A-pillars and annoy deflectors.

“The absorption to detail that has been invested in the powertrain, anatomy systems and belvedere combines to bear a bunched crossover which, acknowledgment to its failing architecture, and avant-garde aerodynamics will bear segment-leading efficiency, as able-bodied as clarification from a chic aloft and the activity of a adventurous sedan,” said Keno Kato, Accumulated Carnality President, Product Planning, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “We accept the Nissan Kicks will advance the bazaar in agreement of active quality, clarification and efficiency.”

Notes to Editors: Blueprint may alter amid markets. All abstracts are accountable to homologation.

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